Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Too fancy for college...Wateves!!

{Cape/Stockings - Asos, Skirt - Promod, Shoes - Pieces, Bag - Aldo, Hairband - Forever21}

I know I have been gone for almost a week now. But I do have good reasons for that. I had my B'day on 17th and B'day party on 21st. And it was awesome!! Thank you all for the wishes and tweets!! It was an amazing week for me :) Apart from meeting some good old friends and partying hard, I received some great gifts, my favorite being a burgundy shoes ( yeah, I love burgundy & my BFF knows that..lol) and topmost favorite being the handmade quilled gifts from my sister! She sent me some amazing home-made dark chocolates & a chocolate cake, hand-made card, quilled bookmarks, and an Explosion Box!! I LOVED THE EXPLOSION BOX!!!!! If you don't know what it is and want to see mine, my sister has already uploaded all the gift's pictures on her blog, go see it HERE! Aren't they all amazing!

This is the outfit that I wore on 17th, and yes, I attended my college in this outfit. I was already bummed that I had to attend my classes on my b'day (B'days have always been a big deal for me), so I donned my hair, makeup & some fancy clothes..:P


Surabhi Agarwal said...

Hey love the cape!Probably it is a bit too much for college but then its your birthday so do whatever you want!
Can't wait for the party photos too!
P.S. I have been coming on your blog almost everyday to see if you posted!

fashionistas stop said...

i like the blazer and the skirt!!

maybe you have time to check my new post :)

Sunkissed said...

You look like you've walked out of an episode of gossip girl ! Who cares if you were too fancy for college - you look adorable :)


Life is a fairytale ♥ said...

SO adorable! :) You carry it off with such poise! ^_^
Awesomeness :)

Namita <3

pavani reddy said...

nice outfit n belated happy bday srish!!!nice hair girl..

Fictitious Fashion said...

Love the colors u have adorned in dis outfit.. Purple and Burgundy go soo well.. :)
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Anibani said...

sooo lovely :)

Srish said...

@Surabhi - awww...that is so sweet! I will try and post more often :) I put a lot of effort and time on my blog and to know that it is appreciated, means a lot <3

@Fashionistas stop - coming right over!

@Sunkissed - OMG! Thank you SO much!! I had actually tried to do a little Blair inspired look!!

Srish said...

@Pavani - Thank you :)

@Fictitious Fashion - Thanks dear :)

@ Anibani - Thank u :)

crazypoplock said...

it feels nice to watch u from the beginning of your blog to now look at you all grown up into is look! Fab my cup cake! ^_^. Love the skirt and that coat. Now how about try looking fab in a work out clothes? lmao. I would love if you could give tips on how to look chic in work out clothes too ^_^.


whatjocraves said...

I love this outfit! I've been dying to buy a cape but it might be too late here in Houston. The fur makes it even cuter. Love your hair too - it looks great! Happy Belated Birthday!


Ayantika said...

love u and love ur outfit...totally <3



kanika said...

aww..u luk sooooo pretty..!!! i love dat cape..!!

kritika.m1 said...

Your outfit is very blair from gossip girl!


Namita said...

I loveeeeeeeeee your cape Srish :) :)

Belated Happy Birthday girlie :) sorry for wishing you so late,,

:) love your blog honey ,,

KrazzyKi said...

Great outfit ^_^
Belated Happy Bday :)
Loads of Love

The Sweet Life

EVE-O-LUTION said...

super sexy cape :) very chic :)