Saturday, January 14, 2012

[Video] What's in my Purse...

Hello everyone, 
I finally finished editing this video today which I had filmed almost 4 days back! Since my college has re-started and the assignments bombarding has started again, I seldom will be able to post. But, I will not leave you guys for more than a couple of days I promise :)
Enjoy this video for now and let me know if you like it! And any suggestions, requests or comments are welcome! <3


sindhu gupta said...

it was an amazing video srish....nicely done :)

Martina said...

Lovely blog! Visit mine and if you like it follow me!
Please if you follow me on GFC follow me also on Bloglovin' because I haven't still understood if it will be removed!
Love, Martina.

anjali said...

Nice Video! :)
well i have to ask u smthng about indian wear my farewell is approaching n m in 11th we have to wear suits can tell which color an stores i shuld look for ? + footwear with it ?

sandhyaa said...

haha....ur dirty room...hehhe...u are so cute sumtimes...childish...
nd also i wanted 2 knw ur wayfarer are from ??
i m looking 4 classic wayfarer shape...hv bought 2 already bt i dnt like thm tht much...i like urs...qould like to knw..

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