Monday, February 13, 2012

The Lecoanet Hemant Event - Part 1

So, last month I got this invitation to a blogger styling event by Lecoanet Hemant. I was excited as ever but when I got to know the date which unfortunately collided with my b'day party, I had no choice but to politely decline. No matter how much I wanted to go, I had no choice in the matter. But then out of nowhere the date was postponed! (Oh thank you Lord!!!) and I finally attended the event last Saturday. 

Arriving at the grand fashion house surrounded with peaceful and beautiful garden, I was greeted by the most sweet and polite people. The guest list included three more bloggers...Akanksha from Akanksha Redhu, Komal from TheDelhiFashionBlogger & Puru from Designer Purushu. We all were given a detailed tour of the whole building which was absolutely mesmerizing! Being a fashion student myself, it was a golden opportunity for me to see a fashion house inside out and understand how it all works. 

The main garment manufacturing department! This is exactly how my college's stitching lab looks like with all the Juki machines :P

A gorgeous leather cut-work sample!

A LH leather jacket. The seams and finishing were absolutely flawless! 

I so want this leather skirt! LH has the most amazing leather garments, I swear!

The intricate detailings on a gorgeous jacket.

A room full of patterns!It's an archive where they keep patterns of their every creation.I went literally speechless when I saw this room. It was like hundreds and hundreds of patterns hanging on hangers. Only if someone knew how much time it takes to draft one single pattern! Well, I should know, I spend 6 hours today in my college drafting patterns for a summer jacket.

The sampling department.

Ah! there's me(in the extreme right)!! Listening and feeding my mind with all the details I could take in.

The quality control department.

I loved this garment so much! It was breath-taking! I HAD to get a picture.

A few random pieces lying in the accessories department. Every little piece of metal used in the garment or handbags are all hand-crafted!

Mr.Hemant Sagar himself. He is so full of passion and opinions towards his work, it's absolutely amazing. He is funny, witty and extremely talented person. The one thing that I like the most in him is how he is so connected to his roots, he sees beauty in nature and believes in creating something new and refreshing every time.

The iconic jacket by LH. It has that typical Indian essence and instantly reminds me of Delhi. A remarkable piece.

So, that's all for this post but the event shall continue in my next post. Ciao!



Stylish By Nature said...

Great pics and you look so happy !!


Tanvi said...

Sounds AMAZING! Good for your Srish!

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Cherry Lane said...

omgee the top is GORGEOUS!! looks like a really fun day

Ri(t)ch Styles said...

Happy for you that you are getting such opportunities!! Cheers to many more such chances :)


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