Thursday, February 16, 2012

WIFW A/W'12 Anju Modi

This season Anju Modi draws inspirations from the regions of Uzbekistan, Afghanistan & Pakistan touching the Kutch border in India. The collection revolves around a nomadic, ultra-feminine yet very strong woman, who has come traveling a long way. Designer explores the diversity of many cultures and still celebrates their similarity.

As the collection travels through regions to find a home in India, it traverses many hues – charcoal to ivory to tobacco married with earthy yellow, brick red and Samarkhand blue with hints of black and white. This collection brings to the fore cultural layering in a modern presentation. Each look is a well-researched bespoke ensemble that boasts of ancient crafts amalgamated with comfort, style and fit. As the many cultures softly flow into each other, Anju Modi unites them in a unique fashion.

Anju Modi's show was terrific! The color pallete was very subtle yet the splash of rich hues added interest. While the traditional Anarkali suits silhouette was there, the regal effect due to the gold detailings was very prominent. I liked how the show began with softer color palette and then deeper and richer shades were added in slowly. Interesting styles of jackets caught my attention, there were long coats, peplum jacket, flowey jacket, structured ones as well as jackets in sheer fabric. Brilliant collection!