Sunday, February 19, 2012

WIFW A/W'12 Day 2: Myoho, Nupur Kanoi, Shantanu Singh & Vaishali


Myoho by Kiran & Meghna were full of Aztec prints but they all seemed boring to me. There was nothing exciting happening on the surface of the garment and few were just plain unflattering on the models.


Nupur Kanoi showcased decent garments with waistcoats and asymmetrical hemlines. The surface details were really good, however, the color palette did nothing for me.


The garments at Shantanu Singh were extra-ordinary! There were refreshing silhouettes, lots of texture and the garment construction skillfully done.


The garments at Vaishali were dull and boring for me, the main reason being...I am NOT a sufi fan. The silhouettes were also very predictable.