Thursday, February 16, 2012

WIFW A/W'12 Preeti Chandra

Preeti Chandra presents a very dramatic, exciting and dynamic Autumn Winter 2012 collection. Titled “ Matador Chic” it takes us back into the sixteenth century in the courts of Spain, where the torero was known for his flamboyant elaborately decorated ‘ Traje de Luces’ or the ‘Suits of light’. The fabrics used were silk rich with intricate embroidery and the use of jewels, jewel led buttons. Also heavy girdles and collars, capes and corsets.

Preeti has very artistically interpreted the matador outfits in a very chic and wearable manner. It’s the old world charm brought alive with contemporary silhouettes. Exquisite dabka and intricate embroideries on silks. There are see through garments with delicate roes embroidered that give an element of beauty and oomph and the well cut gowns fall so beautifully. The jackets worn by the matadors has been transformed into feminine ones.
As Preeti says “ There is a feminine angle to every outfit adapted from a matador jacket and my collection in bold colors is a proof of what I say”…. You cannot mess with a lady…as she has shown exactly that!!! Magnifico!!!!!

I personally really liked the collection. The use of nude & black against contrast colors were nice and I like the flowey and the velvet garment. The black velvet dress has a gorgeous back!