Thursday, March 8, 2012


The festival Holi has never ever been my favourite. There's nothing fun to get soiled head to toe in the colors containing harsh chemicals that takes weeks to get off of you. I used to play nonetheless just because I could not escape it some times. I like the dry colors much more, they are bright and vibrant and super easy to wash off. But that's just what I feel. I know some friends who got drenched in colors today and were completely unrecognizable black-blue beauties. Ha ha! So, if you love Holi and like to play colors, all power to you!

But since I like colors, here's an outfit completely dedicated to this festival of colors. Enjoy and be safe!

{Trousers/ Tank/ Blazer/ Bracelet - Zara, Bag - Aldo, Shoes - Accessorize, Necklace - thrifted}


Eccentric Connoisseur said...

Love the colors<3 They look vibrant when put together:)

StaceyKo said...

you look great!
love those colors!

honey,u have a really nice blog!
come visit mine and we can follow each other if you want!


Cynthia Z said...

Love the color combination Srish! You look so cute in that updo <3


sandhyaa said...

absolute love !!!

Ayantika said...

love the color combo !

KrazzyKi said...

Great look... :)
Happy Holi Srish...

Kumkum Jain said...

Hi Srish, you have been tagged into a FUN POST. Check it out here (

Kumkum Jain said...

And loved your color blocked outfit, you simply rock!!!

Coral Crue said...

I absolutely adore that necklace.where did you source it from, it's super pretty with that swirl design pendant

Srish said...

@Cynthia - Thank u! ^____^

@Kumkum - Thanks for the tag, dear!:)

@Coral Cue - I bought it from Janpath Market :)

bhumika said...

loved it !!

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