Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear weather, makeup your mind already!

{Black Tank/Belt - Promod, Shorts/Bracelet - Zara, T-shirt/Cardi - Forever 21, Bag/Shoes - Accessorize, Stockings - Asos, Scarf - flea market}

So, it was hot a couple of days back and then it rained heavily one night, and the weather is cold again. It's March for God's sake!!! The earthquake has hit Delhi 3 times in last 6 months. At this point, I feel like 2012 movie might just come true :/

Well, I had to wear something warm so I did a little layering and wore my new Zara shorts which were dying to go out in the sun for last one month[that's when I bought them :P]. And I got this quick photo-shoot done by the side of the road as you might notice coz I was in extreme :D



Karishma said...

Its getting kinda hot in Mumbai Srish. The only thing i like about winters is layering. Great outfit!!

sandhyaa said...

it rained in Delhi ??? i miss unexpected Delhi rains...
and about your look... short are too cute !
and i wanted to know about your wayfarers ?whr frm ?

bulbulvish said...

like your shoes and the way you have draped your scarf..!!

do take some time out and check my new post..:)

following you since a long time and would be very glad if you follow me back..^__^

Blanca1018♥ said...

Great outfit girl!

Fictitious Fashion said...

I didn't expect such a thought from you S.. no.. 2012 won't come true.. don't worry :)

N I love ur skulls' scarf... So groovy!!! Love ur shorts too :D

New outfit post is up <3


Dipti Ch said... and you looking damn cute.. I love your smile.. and the eyeliner is simply wohhoooo ..wink wink.. :)

Dipti C

Rima D said...

hawt n happenin!!!:)
i had actually wished for a post like this to be done by you...and it happened....the bag is pretty!!

chp_dzn said...

The skull scarf is our personal favourite! You teamed it well with the outfit!