Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inglot Freedom System Palette Color #03: Review and Lip Swatches

 I am currently obsessed with this Lip Palette I received from Inglot. I have always been a lipstick hoarder but never liked the idea of taking the pain to use a brush for my lipstick. I like how handy lipstick tubes are, whether you are on the go or even you are getting ready for an evening out. I hated to use a lipstick brush! But now? Not so much.....Coz this lovely palette has all these amazing colors that I love love love! and for these pretty babies, I wouldn't mind the pain :)

When I first received the palette, I was really impressed with the packaging. It's very classy and I like the matte finish on the outer cover with just INGLOT written over it. Minimalistic and chic.

{#03, #51, #16, #01, #82}

Okay, I cannot describe how happy I was to see these colors all together for the first time! It was like all my favorite lip colors came together to say hello! My favourites have always been nude, pretty pink, hot pink, coral and red....Do you see the pattern here? How cool is that!

So, now onto some swatches and reviews....

The first color #03 is a warm tone nude color which comes very close to my MLBB shade. 

Lip Swatches

(Without Flash)

(With Flash)
What I like:
1. The colors are very pigmented and the color that you see in the pan is what you are gonna get on your lips in just one coat!
2. The lasting power is freaking amazing!5 hours without any touch-up and I ate and drank also in between!!!(I have never been into buying long lasting lipsticks may be that's why I am too excited...lol)
3. It is moisturizing but dries into a semi-matte finish. Some people might not like this but this is the best kind for me. I don't like too glossy or too matte so this is perfect!
4. Does not settles between the lines of my lips...at least not for the 4 initial hours which seems good enough.
5. The Price!!! So freaking cheap!! You get one pan for Rs.300 only!! 
6. Paraben free!

What I don't like:
1. Need to use a brush with this product. I have never liked using lip brushes so....

I wore this color on the 1st and 4th day of WIFW and I hardly did any touch-up throughout the day...here's a pic of Day 1....

Price - Rs.2350 for the whole pallete including the 5 lip colors and if you wanna buy them seperately, then the pallete will cost you Rs.800 and the lip colors, Rs.300.

Would I recommend: 150% !!!! Go get this as soon as you can in any color you like, it can't get better and cheaper than this!!

P.S - The product was sent to me by the PR for consideration and review purposes.



Gia Kashyap said...

So tempting! I might get this one !

confessionz of a Closet said...

I m temped to buy this.. but hv most of the colors from it.. so I might just buy the first shade.. in <3

Karishma said...

All those colors are really pretty!

Varshini Sudharsan said...

wow srish the colors are awesome :)

pavani reddy said...

inglot is all-over these days..cant neglect it anymore..lovely shades..

kanika said...

awesome shades..!!..m jealous of u..! :/ LUCKY YOU.