Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kiehl's CCC Launch

I attended the Kiehl's CCC Launch today and saying that I had an amazing time would probably be an understatement! Okay, first of all, I know what you all must be thinking.... "what is this CCC!?" Right? So to answer that very first query in your mind.... it is a newly launched product by Kiehl's and CCC stands for Clearly Corrective Concentrate. It claims to rapidly correct dark spots, discolorations and uneven skin tone caused by age, UV exposure and acne scarring. I have taken up the CCC challenge (that's what they are calling it...) and I am going to be using this product and keep you guys updated about it's effects on my skin. I am really looking forward to using the product and benefiting from it coz I am a huge Kiehl's fan....I have been using it's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, the Ultra Facial Cream and the Olive Fruit Oil Shampoo and I quite like them all! 

The whole feel of the store is very pharmaceutical but also very urban with all the neon lights, the quirky images, etc. 

Mr. Anurag Tyagi, the Brand Manager of Kiehl's, gave an enriching presentation and talked about the brand's history, how it originated, people attached to the brand and the aesthetics, etc.

The brand was initially a pharmacy and it used to provide medicinal solutions for various skin problems and hence, the packaging even today is quite pharmaceutical-like. They basically believe in offering quality product rather than an attractive packaging.And I agree with Anurag... "What's the point of having a pretty bottle sitting on your shelf which does nothing for your skin?"

I found a similar container in Kiehl's just like I had seen in TNC [HERE] in a form of Eco Barrel. Here also, you return used bottles and jars and get rewarded! I am quite loving this idea in these brands!

The brand's mascot, Dr.Bones :D

The Kiehl's representative suggested me these products after a skin-care consultancy session.

The staffs are really sweet, helpful, approachable and friendly! 

The lovely Shaily from Confessions of a Closet getting her skincare recommendations.

Dr.Bones was also very friendly but he didn't talk much :P

Posing with the ladies :P

Shaily, me, Dr.Bones and Anurag :)

Cupcakes and Coffee were also served as promised :D

I received the full size bottle of the newly launched CCC and a few samples of the products that were recommended for my skin type. Kiehl's is very generous with their samples. High end skincare brands should take notes here....*cough*Lush*cough*

The Clearly Corrective Concentrate retails for Rs.3500 and it's available in the Kiehl's store in Ambience Mall, Vasantkunj. If you visit the store, don't forget to ask for a sample or even try it in the store if you want, I am sure the staff will be more than happy to oblige :)


crazypoplock said...

That mall is very far away from where I live. I hope they open up a store in Noida soon!

Fictitious Fashion said...

I agree with @crazypoplock .. I love collective.. have been there twice.. wud love to have it here.
N zara and Forever21 too :D

New post is up <3


Sunkissed said...

It looked like an amazing place & like you had an amazing time!
Hope they have it in Bombay soon :D

JazzyO said...

The CCC works amazing, I received a sample in my birchbox and I noticed results after just a few days on my dark spots!
Looks like fun.