Monday, March 5, 2012

The Nature's Co. Store Visit

I have talked about the brand earlier HERE but at that time I was not very familiar with the brand. A couple of products were sent to me for reviewing purposes and I used them and gave my honest opinion to you guys. But now that I visited the store and was shown around by lovely Ms. Rashmi, I respect and love TNC even more! It was a very nice experience to go through all the 5 ranges of the brand and to get to know more about the products and the brand itself. The one thing that is very striking in the store is the cool and calm spa-like feel you get the minute you step in. The whole store's interiors are inspired by nature and even the chairs are in the form of tree logs! The wash-basin which you will see if you scroll down a little, is really cool.

The Atmospure range contains all the products inspired by purity like lily, cotton, etc. I am using the Body Lotion "Lily of the Valley"from this range and I absolutely adore it [full review HERE]. The Lily's smell is said to be the smell most liked by the customers.

The Starrize range is supposed to be inspired by the Sun, all the things that are derived from the sun and all the products to protect you from the sun like sunflower, aloevera, etc.

The Foressence range is inspired by the enchanted forest, exotic plants and all the fruits that it offers. There are products containing guava, peach, apple, raspberries, etc. The products have a very fresh smell. I am currently using the "berry"lip balm from this range and it works really good.

The Earthborne range is inspired by everything that the earth has to offer like coffee, wheatgerm, barley, hazelnut, sandalwood, corns, etc. I liked this range the most. The coffee face scrub smelled great and it is also supposed to be the best-selling product of the brand along with "Fuller's earth" Face pack. The sandalwood body wash smelled heavenly!! And can you believe it, they have a toothpaste in this range!

The Aquaspark range is obviously inspired by the Water and what it has to offer us like, seaweed, watercress, fresh moss, etc. These products are said to be most popular in summers as they provide coolness when applied.

Every product is made of pure natural ingredients, and even the preservatives used are natural.There is absolutely no use of chemical in any of the products. The containers are also bio-degradable and recyclable

They have this Eco-barrel installed in the store and the brand encourages it's customers to bring back used TNC product containers to put in this eco barrel for recycling by offering them various discounts. I think it's a brilliant idea!

All the ingredients are imported from the best of the places. 

The brand also offers loofas, candles, incense sticks, oils, oil burners, etc.

This wash-basin is so cool! 

They also give complimentary spa services to their loyalty card holder customers, free of charge! 

A loyal customer getting a foot massage in the store.

The paper used for billing is made by recyclable paper.

They have this e-billing system where they mail you the bill which saves paper and hence trees and hence environment! Brilliant!!

I received few complimentary products which were all from the Earthborne range and all the products were the ones I really liked! I was super duper happy!! ^_____^

I really wanted to try the coffee scrub and luckily, I got it :)

So, over all the store visit was a very enriching experience and I hope I enriched all of you a little bit :P


crazypoplock said...

wow, you made the whole post into a good window shopping experience! I tried out the Lemon Peel Exfoliating Body Wash which came in a trail pack in Blisscovered's Feb Box. I loved it! It was surprisingly calming! ^_^.

I might buy the full version soon ^_^.

kanika said...

wow..srish u hv made me fall in love wid dis brand..!!