Saturday, March 10, 2012

TNC "Berry" Lip Balm Review

 Now that I am familiar with the brand The Nature's Co. after my visit to the store [HERE], I admire and understand their products much better. I recently started using this lip balm because girl, you know what winters can do to your lips! This lip balm has been my saviour on those cold dry days. Plus, it looks really pretty sitting on my bedside table ^_____^

The product is from their forest inspired range called Foressence and it smells yummm....!!! It smells sweet, something like strawberry ice-cream or maybe a strawberry bubblegum or maybe strawberry shake...hmmm...[takes another sniff] no, definitely strawberry shake! And in fact it smells exactly like the strawberry shake from Keventer's (Connaught Place, Delhi)!

This lip balm doesn't only smells yum, it looks yummmm as well. And works great! I do not carry it in my purse though as I am afraid of ruining the packaging with scratches and all. I keep it on my bedside table so that whenever I am working or doing anything and I need a lipbalm, it's sitting right beside me! Earlier this place used to belong to Vaseline, but who doesn't like change? And when it comes to looks, this pretty little jar can kick some major Vaseline's ass ;)

I use this product mainly as an over-night lip balm as in I apply it liberally on my lips before I go to sleep and next morning I wake up with soft lips...yayieee lol...:P
This also works great if I use it right before applying my lipstick. It creates a perfect canvas and the lipstick glides on much more smoothly.

This lip balm retails for Rs.225 which I think is quite reasonable and personally, I would love to pay the amount for the jar only...he he!

Would I re-purshase - Yes, until I find something better!
Rating - 4.5/5

P.S.- This product was sent to me by the PR.

P.P.S.- I took the pictures right when I received it, now I have dig a big hole in the product using it :P


Karishma said...

It sure does look Yummy! Great review!

crazypoplock said...

Nice review. I might try this ^_^.