Friday, March 30, 2012

TNC Coffee Scrub Review

I am now an official fan of The Nature's Co. after using this amazing amazing product! I got this product along with a few more as a complimentary gift by TNC when I visited their store in Select Citywalk ealier this month [Full post HERE] and I was most excited about this particular face scrub coz I had heard great things about it on the blogosphere. I am glad to say that it stands true to it's reputation and hasn't let me down at all. 

I use this product every morning because it's gentle enough and it literally smells like coffee beans! That's probably because it's stuffed with coffee grits, extracts and coffee powder. It refreshes my skin as well as me. I absolutely love using this product and it's smell. Can't get enough of it! And with the added benefits like soft supple refreshed skin, I am sure everybody will love it!

Would I recommed: YES!!!
Price: Rs. 525

This has now become my favorite scrub and tops even St.Ives Almond Scrub which I had been using for past 5 years!! And that is saying something!


soph said...

its my favorite too:-)can do without coffee in the morning but this tnc scrub is a must have and it is soooo gentle on the skin.....

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