Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jafra Cosmetics Pamper Party

Over a week back, a few Fashion & Beauty Bloggers were pampered with makeup and skincare products at the grand office of world famous Jafra Cosmetics. It was a fully interactive and ACTIVE session with bloggers doing their makeup using Jafra Cosmetics. I was more of a observer during the whole process coz I had my full face on and did not wanted to mess with it as I had to go for a major event immediately after the pamper party [more on that soon :) ]. So, I let my hands get pampered. Lol! 

Us bloggers were in our own world and were trying our own lipsticks...:P
[NYX Hot Pink and MAC Impassioned...two of my favourites Hot pinks!]

I had a lot of fun with all the bloggers and I am looking forward to using the products I recieved from Jafra Cosmetics. I already used the Face Mask and Eyeliner and I am loving them!

The crazy amount of goodies I received from the brand!! I might be giving away a few of the products in my next giveaway ;)


confessionz of a Closet said...

Oh God!! we look sisters .. love all the pics..!! and what fun it wass.. Rite??

Twenty Somethings said...

I feel terrible so terrible for missing this one :|

Vanity said...

i can see my photo up there! okay now i'm feeling really bad. sob sob :\

sara said...

Today Fashion become a passion of life and those picture really great and specially your dress so much beautiful. 

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