Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lifestyle Pakistan Gala Dinner: The Designers and the Garments [part 1]

I attended the Lifestyle Pakistan Gala Dinner on the same day of the Jafra Pamper Party. The event was at Taj Palace and it was amazing. The arrangements and security were incredible (I know this because Baani, the most amazing and sweet PR ever, had to come outside to get us in as I was not carrying my invitation). The event itself was organized by Makhdoom M. Fahim, Senior Federal Minister of Commerce, Government of Pakistan and Mr. Tariq Puri, Chief Executive of Trade Authority of Pakistan (TDAP).

My favourite show was by Rang Ja. Beautiful clash of bright colors and lots of surface work which excited me. But most of all, the bold & neon colors caught my attention.

Singer & Actor from Pakistan, Ali Zafar also made a sudden appearance for one show. Way to tease the audience!

Overall, the fashion show was an amazing experience. From intricate surface works, lots of swarovski work, lots of embroidery to bright fusion of colors, everything was there. More pics in next posts....