Sunday, April 22, 2012

[Video] How to: Sock Bun (My favourite way to deal with a bad hair day!)

A lot of you have been asking me to do a tutorial on my bun. Though there are a lot of ways to make a bun, I use three different techniques to be particular. I make a different kind of bun when I am sitting at home, working or blogging. A different bun for running errands, going to the gym or going to college in a hurry. And a totally different kind of bun for going out to the malls or some special occasion. I am going to show you guys the last technique here, which gives the most gorgeous, voluminous bun. 

For summers, this would have to be my favourite hairstyle. I really don't like when I am out in some market and it's hot and my hair is sticking to my neck giving me a hard time living! So, I throw my hair in a bun most of the times and I think it looks cute as well! 

I filmed this video almost 2-3 weeks back and edited it the same weekend but then I got super busy with my college work, so could not find time to upload it.Sorry for the delay but finally!Here it is! A tutorial on my bun! Enjoy!!

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P.S.- Do you like the new header? ^_____^


crazypoplock said...

thank you for the lovely tutorial you made for that cute bun! You are a very talented, creative person Srish! With loads of love, B. Btw what are you wearing on your lips?

Twenty Somethings said...

My favorite part of the video were the bloopers!
Such a cutie you are :)
Trying it out right after i sign out!

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Eshna said...

You should do more videos!!! Love it!!
Its reaaly nicee :))))

Sweet and Bitter said...

I loved your new header...its very Sexy.. :D

Namita said...

Loved the video srish,,, the bun looks cute on you.
The bloopers were :D :D

soph said...

dat was really cute:-) which blush are u wearing???

IamMe said...

hey. I cant see the video cuz the music in video is patented and not allowed to be viewed in Germany..

Pleassssssss upload without music.....

Thanks !!!