Friday, May 11, 2012

Classic style with a twist

I think you guys saw a glimpse of this outfit in my earlier post of Lecoanet Hemant Fashmob. But I was so in love with this outfit that I got a few shots of it after I left the party. The outfit is very basic and simple, a striped dress with a blazer and nude heels. The classic route would have been a red lipstick and a gold statement necklace but I wanted to try something different so I chose Hot pink lip color and a colorful statement necklace, I feel it gives the whole outfit a nice modern twist.

{Dress - Asos, Blazer - Zara, Necklace - thrifted, Shoes - US, Clutch - Joli, Bracelet - Forever 21}


bulbulvish said...

like how you created this whole look..balanced and really pretty:)

Elegance Stylized Blog❤

Pranita Kocharekar said...

Love it! The necklace is chic. You have lovely toned legs! :D

Suniti Jham said...

Aw, Srish
You look stunning
I love the entire look

rohinie said...

soo pretty said...

Your outfit is lovely! Like how you have used simple stuff and made this awesome ensamble

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dr_rashmi said...

This outfit is stunning, and by all the means you are rocking it . . . 10/10

Nidhi Mahajan said...

you look stunning! wow! great twist to the classic style!

❤ Fabulous Little

Fictitious Fashion said...

Pretty dress!! I like ur lipshade and necklace.. Completely colorful and different from the attire! :)

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mounika roches said...

loved it :)

Laurice Anderson said...

You look so gorgeous with that outfit! I am also jealous with your necklace. I was wandering where did u get that coat as I really need to buy the same stuff as what you have here. Actually, since I got 2 kids, I never go shopping to mall anymore, I usually check online looking for cheap clothes instead of searching through racks and racks of items at the mall. It's been so easy and comfortable since I don't have to carry my kids at all when buying clothes or any stuff I need.

Pria Rao said...

The neckpiece so chic-y! You look lovely!

Rahila Sultan said...

Hey Srish, I totally love ur Blog! :) Blogging has become my passion quite lately and I must tell u that YOU were my inspiration behind the same. <3
Its been 3 days since I started and I dont have any follower still *sigh*
I wud really appreciate if u'll give me some blogging tips and tricks just as u helped me to start my own Blog.
Do have a look:

Thanks and Much love! xoxo

Smi said...

superb looks.


You look lovely Shrish! I love that neckpiece!

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