Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Experience is the best teacher

{Skirt/ Bracelet - Forever 21, Bandeau top - Muah, Shirt - thrifted, Belt - Zara, Shoes - Asos, Clutch - Joli}

Life is amazing, full of love, drama, friends, wonderful parents but still sometimes that one thing happens in your life that creates ripples all over. That one experience will change the way you look at things and make you grow as a person. You will always remember not to forget it no matter how bad the experience was just so you won't commit the same mistake again. This is a way of life... you do, you succeed, you fail, you learn, you grow and you move on. But what if some people choose to be stuck in the same age of dissonance for the longest time...I would strongly suggest you to mind your own business until that person is a friend. For a friend, you dive in the middle of the pool and help. No matter how much it costs.

And a few other thoughts.....
1. Keep a good friend circle coz bad circle is bad influence. 
2. You always have a choice. ALWAYS!
3. Your dignity and self- respect should be your top priority. How do you expect people to respect you if you don't respect yourself?
4. You are NOT obligated to be polite to every person on this planet at all times! You can tell the other person to go and mind their own f***ing business if it comes to it. 
5. Sometimes, not saying anything can be your biggest mistake.
6. Be happy and blessed....Don't let bad people in and cherish the good ones..and the best ones...[for me it's A  :) ]

Now, enough of life lessons....How was your weekend? Did any of you guys saw the movie, "Avengers"?? I might be going this weekend but I heard it's sooo good that I can't wait!!!!


Rima D said...

heya srish...1stly i am loving the whole new look...cudnt log in to ur blog for quite a few weeks.and now what is see is superbly surprising!!!lovin it soo much

EVE-O-LUTION said...

loved how you used the shirt.. and yeah, sometimes its necessary to keep certain ppl in their place- happened to me lots too :(

Pooja_G said...

loved the whole attire and the write up too :)

The Delhi fashion blogger said...

You looking soooo cutie pie in the last picture !!!! Loved this post !!!

Eccentric Connoisseur said...

Love the Gif. Soo cute:)

giggle girlie gang said...

Nice outfit..put together beautifully!And like the points you have mentioned..each one of them is true!

confessionz of a Closet said...

I so agree with what u said.. and i am tired of telling you this.. that I LOVE your Outfit..and my girl!! u r Gorgeous.. :-"

Fictitious Fashion said...

I totally agree with you srish!! Not saying anything.. can be the biggest mistake.. sigh.. and I'm all into .. "Mind your F*****g business" deal ;) BE yourself... and everything will come naturally... you don't like that B***h.. Tell her you don't.. don't crib from inside!!! Great post hon :)

And about the outfit.. well you have a great style, indeed! I'm a fan of your thrifted blouse and how you wore it colorfully!! a pep skirt and killer shoes! Awesome! :)

let's follow each other? :)

New Post is up- Zara, UCB and Kiehl's: A craze


bulbulvish said...

Ohhhh Srish..you look so great..lace shirt with a sexy back..superb !
love green and blue together and the balancing black...pretty clutch:)

Elegance Stylized Blog❤

Krithi Mithun Marla said...

awesome outfit

Aarthi said...

Amazing is one word I have for your dressing sense..

khushbu said...

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Srish said...

Thank you ladies for all the love!! <3

Sunkissed said...

Lovely outfit Srish - It is amazing that you thrift-ed that sheer-lace beauty!
PS: Just saw Avengers today. Pure visual awesome if you like action, humour, humour and brilliant visual effects :D

candyvioleta said...

you look super summery and cute


Yvette said...

What a cute gif!!

manvi said...

Loveeeeeeeee your asymmetric shirt!!

New post up on "Anklet Love"


Nidhi Mahajan said...

I love your styling! You look super cute and adorable!

❤ Fabulous Little

Deepa Mistry said...

can't believe the shirt is thrifted :O loving the entire look!especially the gold belt and the shirtt!

Ila Johari said...

So chic!
Loved the black sheer top.
Had bumped into you yesterday at Indibloggers meet,remember? :)


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