Friday, May 4, 2012

Ranjunee & Shantanu's Collection Launch at Twist

I attended the launch of Ranjunee and Shantanu's collection at Twist, Hauz Khas Village recently. It was a nice break from all the college work I have been doing lately. It's the last week of the semester and it's hectic as ever! 

Okay, so who else thinks this shelf is ADORBS? coz I do!! And the jewelleries were all SO unique! I loved the hot pink lizard brooch, and there's a close-up picture of the pretty lizard somewhere in this post ;)

Honestly if I had to pick something from the store, it would be a battle between these two bags! They both are amazingggg!!

The lizards! Creepy or Pretty?

My girl Rohinie from Because I love Clothes with her pretty friend. It was SO good to finally meet her, she is the sweetest little thing! I also met Imsu from TheAili, Lesly from Fancy that Manxcat  and Rinchen from Goofy Goober. They all were super sweet and being the stupid forgetful person that I am, I totally forgot to get a pic with them. I hope we all meet soon again though :))

With Shantanu Singh, the Designer and Mr. Naresh Chauhan, Owner of Twist.

My absolutely favourite piece at Twist by Rahul Anand and Anushka Laul

Designer Swimwear by Shantanu Singh

A wearing a blazer by Nikhil Thampi

The back of the blazer was killer!

All the collection in one pic :) The most gorgeous teal and white shirt is by Ranjunee...Isn't it amazing? I again forgot to click a pic of one jumpsuit by Ranjunee that I really liked...but her collection was outstanding!

Drop by the store when you are in Hauz Khas next time, and I promise you wont be disappointed...


chp_dzn said...

What an amazing collection! That vest is just wow! :)

Bonniela said...

Was nice meeting you, Srish. <3

Fictitious Fashion said...

I love the pants you are holding!!!
P.S. I've the same pants as your header's
check dem out :D

New Post is up- Everything's New: Lots of Surprises


Sunkissed said...

That cut-out vest is to die for :D

PeachesandBlush said...

I was thr a couple of days ago...tried on the all black sequinnd dress thts in the pic behind u btu didnt fit well..some of ranjunees stuff ws just gtng unpacked!

Coral Crue said...

hey gorgeous. you look great in the youtube videos btw :) stylish as always

rohinie said... was soooooo nice to finally meet u my fav<3<3<3

Pink Jasmine by Shilpi said...

Amazing collections and u luk lovely :)


So happy to see more indian bloggers around here. I love what youre wearing here. Shows the world how we can dress well.
Loving your blog.


love ur dress an d ur blog and the lizards looks creepy.. eww i hate em

mermaidbidisha said...

omg that cut out vest is amazing..loved the detailing !!!

Smi said...

Nice collection, nice photos, nice? lizards. Well, I hate lizards, even if they are so colorful!

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