Friday, May 25, 2012

Sheer Elegance

{ Shirt/ Bracelets/ Spiked Ring - Forever 21, Leggings - Mango, Bag - StylDrv, Shoes - U.S., "Love" Ring - Accessorize, Necklace - Lifestyle}

Between hunting Internships and running to Passport offices again and again, I have had no time to do a photoshoot for the blog for past 1 month almost. So, I present to you an old outfit post that was there in my drafts and was shot the day I filmed the Sock Bun Video. I have filmed few DIYs but rarely have the time to edit and upload and I am waiting for the wind to settle down so that I can get back into my old blogging habits...Hey btw, would you guys like to see the garments I made for my Sem 1 & 2? I am still contemplating on whether to share it on the blog or not but I am leaning towards "Yes", so help me push over the edge please ^^

Also, a few of my reader from U.S. weren't able to view my latest video, so I have fixed things and now, it can be viewed from anywhere! Enjoy! :D


P.S.- Head over to Nupur Creatives for some creative & inspiring ideas and crafts....and a Giveaway!!!


sandhyaa said...

beautiful neck piece.....!!

crazypoplock said...

very well done as always ^_^.

The not so girly blog said...

you look lovely! We just found your blog,Lovely blog you've got!
welcome us as your new followers! looking forward to your posts :) Would be glad if you dropped by our blog, and follow if u like what you see?
the blog is a virtual bday surprise for a friend. would be glad if u could drop your wishes for her :)
I and J

rohinie said...

missy you look pretty as ever!!!

Srish said...

Thank you ladies!! <3

The not so girly blog said...

we would love to see your collection!
you have a beautiful blog! welcome us as ur new followers :)
do visit us too, and follow if u like what u see :)
the blog is to give a virtual birthday surprise to my bestie. She'll be really happy, if you drop by your wishes for her. She loves reading ur blog!


Anky0112 said...

I love love L-O-V-E your shoes, Do you go to US often!!!! these are supa sexy and also your other nude pumps... oh and the DP shoes... are those from US aswell!!!

Srish said...

Ha ha! Thanks love! But no, I don't go to US often, but one of my friend does and he knows my taste well :D
The shoes that I am wearing in the blog's banner are from Zara.

stevesheferd said...

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