Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spring/Summer Trend Alert 2013: Stripes

As we all know, stripes are more of a classic trend which never goes out of style. It's easy to wear and always looks comfortable, chic and suits every body type if worn right. But after researching on the Resort wear collections, it's pretty apparent that stripes are being totally re-invented. 

There are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zig-zag, abstract and all other variations of Stripes to experiment with  in the coming seasons. Read on for tips and tricks on how to rock this trend.


Vertical stripes are really flattering when worn correctly. Try wearing bottoms (skirts/shorts/denims) with vertical stripes as they create illusion of shaped legs and neat curves. My favourite and most preferred way of wearing vertical stripes is very similar to House of Holland denims. Pair vertical stripes with different prints like polka dots, florals or scarf print and it would look totally fabulous! You can find such pieces in Zara and Forever 21.


Horizontal stripes are flattering on top as well as bottom. It has slimming effect on bodies and hence can be worn as a dress, jeans, top or anything. The new collections however, have used the horizontal stripes on top mostly. Cardigans, t-shirts, tops, dresses,blazers, etc are all splashed with stripes in fun colors. I have a top in my closet which is very similar to Jason Wu's striped top and looks like I am going to be wearing it next season as well! You can find such tops in Promod and Mango easily.


There are many variations of Stripes apart from vertical and horizontal. Try diagonal stripes or thick and thin stripes or even abstract stripes like the one by Derek Lam. 


Pair stripes with stripes for the most updated look. Here are a few inspirations, Marc by Marc Jacobs being my favourite out of all. See, what I told you about vertical stripes for bottoms and horizontal for top, Roland Mouret seems to get it about right!

Now, if you are wondering that what could be the possible reason of me discussing next summers trend in this summers. the answer is: I am telling you this because Sale season is about to begin and you guys can shop according to the next season's trends and flaunt those pieces when they would be fresh in trend next year. Like a boss! B)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My two weeks in paradise awaits!

 I am lying in my bed right now smiling like an idiot. I guess you will be doing the same if one of your ultimate life's goal came true all of a sudden. I always wanted to travel to world's most beautiful cities aka Paris, Switzerland, Milan, Venice and Rome. Now, I can check off three cities off my list because I am travelling to these places next month!! It almost feels too good to be true but amazingly it is true...^_______^

[WOW! I need to chill a cheeks hurt :P]

I am basically going to Milan for two weeks for a summer course in Fashion Styling. And during the weekend, I will be travelling to Venice and Rome as well and if I get some more time off the short course, I might also drop in a visit to Paris and Switzerland. Oh! This is so exciting! I just can't wait to be there already!

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This is one of the most famous shopping complexes and I am really looking forward to seeing it in person. The building is so intricately built. You might recognise this place from the song "Twist" from the movie, Love Aaj Kal.

Image source:
The most beautiful building in Milan, the Duomo. It the cathedral church of Milan.
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And not to forget, the shopping!!! I am looking forward to shop the hell out of H&M! :P
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Annnndd....Sephora & Victoria Secrets!!!!
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I am also going to be documenting Milan Street Fashion. As all of you know, Milan is the Mecca of fashion, it's one of the fashion capitals of the world and the street fashion is the best there.

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Venice is also known as the floating city and it is breathtakingly beautiful. It is less than 3 hours away by train from Milan so I couldn't possibly miss the chance of visiting this stunning place.

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And of course, Rome! It is about 4 hours by Train from Milan and I have always been fascinated by the Colosseum and the Roman architecture.

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And the Trevi Fountain, the most famous wishing well in the world. It is said that if you throw a coin in the well, you are guaranteed to return to Rome. And I also read online that there's the best gelato shop around the corner, San Crispino! ;)

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I might also visit Florence in Tuscany, Paris & Switzerland if I find the time. I am really really excited for this trip and have been researching the places to shop, eat, visit constantly! The only thing I am dreading is the 10 hour long flights. But I have been doing my research on how to survive such long flights and what should I carry, etc etc so I think I will be fine....And the most amazing part of the whole trip is that I am going there with my girlfriends!!! I just had a sleepover with them last night and we were gushing happily that we will be having such amazing sleepovers in Milan for two whole weeks, it is going to be SO awesome!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

How to wear the fluid trend without drowning in it

Latest post by me on Pret-Amoda blog...
The perfect and most comfortable trend for the summer time is the fluid drapes. Imagine yourself in a fluid silk dress relaxing with a mojito near the pool, get the point? This trend is not at all difficult to wear but sometimes it can get overwhelming and it may seem like you are not wearing the dress but the dress is wearing you! So, to avoid such a situation and look summer chic in fluid drapes, read on!
For all body types: Fluid drapes offer a summer silhouette that everyone can pull off. Ladies with curves as well as the zero size girls, all can let loose as this trend is all about the pretty, romantic and feminine look. Find a dress that suits your body type and hugs the curves in right places to show off your body beautifully, just not each and every extra bit of fat that you ate at lunch yesterday! 

Balance: Balancing is very necessary no matter what trend you are wearing. With drapes you wanna keep it classy and chic, so avoid ruffles or mixing prints which can look overwhelming and tacky. Try to go for clean lines and you can never be off-balance.

 Accessorize: With a fluid solid color dress with clean lines, you are free to accessorize it the way you want. If you have busy drapes on neck and shoulder, try wearing your hair up and put some big chunky earrings on your ears. And if you have busy drapes flowing from your waistline towards the hem, balance it out with a bold statement necklace and heels. If the dress is too fluid and you want to accentuate your hourglass figure, add a crisp belt to pull the look together.

No need to overspend: You don’t need to pay a hefty price to wear this trend. Go for fluid silk shirt tucked into skinny jeans and heels. Or you can pair a draped maxi skirt along with a metallic tank top to look uber chic. Even soft fluid shorts would do! Let your mind free and be creative!

Friday, June 15, 2012

How to wear metallic trend without looking like a tinman?

I wrote this article for Pret-Amoda Blog:
Many designers introduced metallic trend with classic designs dipped in gorgeous shades of gold and silver to add rich textures. One of the hottest trends this season and surely a head turner, metallics can be tricky to wear. When worn right it can make you look like a million dollar fashionista and when worn wrong (which is incredibly easy with this trend, trust me!) it can make you look really tacky.  Here are a few pointers on how to rock this trend:

Less is more: Since this trend is a statement in itself, you might want to tone down on accessories a little bit. If you are going to wear simple pieces like metallic jeans or shorts, you can go with necklaces, rings or hats but when wearing a more prominent piece like a metallic dress or a blazer, you would better keep the accessories basic or skip them altogether.

Pair with neutrals: The easiest way to incorporate metallic into your wardrobe is to pair them with neutrals. It is a failsafe method and keeps the look chic and on trend. Use shades of white, grey, black or beige to create a simple, elegant yet eye-catching looks. For example, pair a metallic pencil skirt with a cream chiffon shirt or a metallic dress with nude heels.
Monopoly of metallic: When wearing this trend, make sure you wear only one key metallic piece and build the outfit around it. Wearing two metallic pieces might end up looking over the top and it’s difficult to carry as well.
Pop of color: It is not necessary that you have to pair metallics with neutrals only! If you like colors and experimenting with them, then go ahead and use a pop of color in your outfit. I would suggest going for colour-blocked heels with a metallic skirt, a colour-blocked top with metallic jeans or bright shorts with a metallic sweater.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to: DIY Distressed/Ripped Printed Shorts

I really wanted to buy a printed shorts as they are big this season but the ones I liked in the stores were like really pricey so I thought of making my own printed shorts. I like these pair so so so much more than those store ones now! These are really fun and quirky to wear even with a simple white shirt! You can use any print you like, polka dots, leopard print, abstract print, stripes, absolutely anything!! So, go ahead and have fun with DIYs!!! 

Designer Knockoffs - Tasteful or Tacky??

Being a blogger and having my own space on the internet where I can write about my opinions is one of the best things I like about blogging. So, earlier in the day I came across this issue of designer knockoffs and I expressed my opinion but I didn't wanted to get into a facebook comment war (girl, chill it's just a matter personal opinions and I ain't attacking ANYONE so no need to get all defensive and no, you don't need to explain everything to me!!) , so I decided to share my opinions here, on my pretty little blog.

Designer knockoffs are easily available these days and if you wanna spot one, your best bet would be Delhi Metro's first compartment. I personally don't like these knockoffs and I feel they look really tacky and cheap (judge me all you want!). I mean why would you buy a fake Dior Bag and flaunt it all over the city! I would have loved the bag much more without the Dior logo and you rubbing it in everyone's face (yes, that happened!)!

Some people claim that they get happiness out of it, that they have got a Prada hanging on their hand even if it's a fake (REALLY!?!) . Wouldn't you get more happiness if you would wait and save up for the real thing and actually be able to pay for them rather than getting fake happiness with a fake bag? Maybe it's just me and I might get haters for this post but I literally laugh in my head when I see someone carrying a knockoff.


I couldn't afford to spend Rs.9000/- for a Ray Ban Wayfarers, so I got a cheaper version WITHOUT a "Ray Ban" written on it (though sometimes A lets me wear his real RBs ^___^). And now, I have finally saved up for the real thing and I will be getting them next month(yayieee!!!).
So, my point here is, if you like some particular design or color or pattern of a designer handbag, instead of buying a knockoff, try to find something similar and affordable in high-end stores. The fake logo ALWAYS looks cheap. Sometimes, when I am thrift shopping and I spot a gorgeous bag and go all gaga over them but as soon as I see a designer logo on it, I.JUST.WON'T.BUY.IT!! It's as simple as that!

I guess the point I am trying to make is, carrying a designer knockoff with a "FAKE LOGO" is never EVER cool. And pretending that it's a real designer bag is even more pathetic! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Online shopping heaven.....Pret-Amoda!

So who loves online shopping, raise your hands!! Okay, I see a lot of hands shooting towards the sky right now [in my head obviously, ha ha!]..And there's good news for all those hands....they can get to explore the hot newly launched website, PRET-AMODA

When I got the news about the relaunching of the site, I did not expect it would be this good, I swear! Now, it's so much more easier to navigate, zoom and select and order. It's like a perfectly laid out website and ensures easy and simple access to all the users. And, a vast collection of designer goodies. There's Malini Ramani, James Ferriera, Prashant Verma and many more amazing designers and for a design student like me, it's like a treat! 

And not to mention their Jewellery section! My two favourite pieces, one of them is out of stock & the other one, out of budget....but, it won't hurt to share them here..

I want this BADLY!!!!! But it's out of stock :(
If anyone from Pret-Amoda is reading this, you need to restock this and reserve one piece for me, pretty please!!!

This one is so gorgeous and minty, perfect piece for summers, if only God will be kind enough to drop a big bag full of cash on my head! Seriously, I won't mind!

A classic blue jumpsuit by James Ferriera, who wouldn't love this?

This cape by Malini Ramani is not something I would wear but it's so pretty and attractive, I wanna hang it in my room and just look at it!

Check out their website guys & DO NOT FORGET to visit the jewellery section!

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