Thursday, June 14, 2012

Designer Knockoffs - Tasteful or Tacky??

Being a blogger and having my own space on the internet where I can write about my opinions is one of the best things I like about blogging. So, earlier in the day I came across this issue of designer knockoffs and I expressed my opinion but I didn't wanted to get into a facebook comment war (girl, chill it's just a matter personal opinions and I ain't attacking ANYONE so no need to get all defensive and no, you don't need to explain everything to me!!) , so I decided to share my opinions here, on my pretty little blog.

Designer knockoffs are easily available these days and if you wanna spot one, your best bet would be Delhi Metro's first compartment. I personally don't like these knockoffs and I feel they look really tacky and cheap (judge me all you want!). I mean why would you buy a fake Dior Bag and flaunt it all over the city! I would have loved the bag much more without the Dior logo and you rubbing it in everyone's face (yes, that happened!)!

Some people claim that they get happiness out of it, that they have got a Prada hanging on their hand even if it's a fake (REALLY!?!) . Wouldn't you get more happiness if you would wait and save up for the real thing and actually be able to pay for them rather than getting fake happiness with a fake bag? Maybe it's just me and I might get haters for this post but I literally laugh in my head when I see someone carrying a knockoff.


I couldn't afford to spend Rs.9000/- for a Ray Ban Wayfarers, so I got a cheaper version WITHOUT a "Ray Ban" written on it (though sometimes A lets me wear his real RBs ^___^). And now, I have finally saved up for the real thing and I will be getting them next month(yayieee!!!).
So, my point here is, if you like some particular design or color or pattern of a designer handbag, instead of buying a knockoff, try to find something similar and affordable in high-end stores. The fake logo ALWAYS looks cheap. Sometimes, when I am thrift shopping and I spot a gorgeous bag and go all gaga over them but as soon as I see a designer logo on it, I.JUST.WON'T.BUY.IT!! It's as simple as that!

I guess the point I am trying to make is, carrying a designer knockoff with a "FAKE LOGO" is never EVER cool. And pretending that it's a real designer bag is even more pathetic! 


Ri(t)ch Styles said...

Totally agree with you!!!!


Benish@getsettoshine said...

I agree,designers copy with a logo is just plain cheap (I find it cheap even without a fake logo),If I like a bag that I can't afford I look for a close match,something similar in style but not a copy.

dr_rashmi said...

Absolutely right . . . i'd buy a non labelled top or bag anyday over a fake label . .

sindhu gupta said...

absolutely correct!!!
wearing fake and calling themselves fashionable is so tacky!!!

candyvioleta said...

you are way too on board with your thoughts here!
I literally cringe wen I see people carrying these bags with Jimmy Choo label slapped on it!

Samyukta ISimplyLoveMakeUp said...

Ooh thank good someone finally brought this up... Way to go girl... I find it distasteful and honestly quite "cheap" when I see people doing this...

Shoppingaholic said...

Hi Shrish, I totally agree with you. Logo makes the good deal look bad. I'd rather spend on anything else and ofcourse save, save a lot for the real deal.;-)

Shopping, Style and Us

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