Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to: DIY Distressed/Ripped Printed Shorts

I really wanted to buy a printed shorts as they are big this season but the ones I liked in the stores were like really pricey so I thought of making my own printed shorts. I like these pair so so so much more than those store ones now! These are really fun and quirky to wear even with a simple white shirt! You can use any print you like, polka dots, leopard print, abstract print, stripes, absolutely anything!! So, go ahead and have fun with DIYs!!! 


nupurcreatives said...

So proud of you my sweetooo... :)
Mujhe bhi 1 chahiye.... pretty please.... :D

Pajama Diaries said...

This is a really well done video!

insanescribblings said...

easy and well done :)

Carrie said...

ooo, it came out looking cute! good job. don't you just love DIYs.

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T-Shirt Types said...

yeah it is good that you make your own shorts. please tell me how i made this also.i have lot of jeans that i am not wear so please tell me the idea how to do this .
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