Friday, June 15, 2012

How to wear metallic trend without looking like a tinman?

I wrote this article for Pret-Amoda Blog:
Many designers introduced metallic trend with classic designs dipped in gorgeous shades of gold and silver to add rich textures. One of the hottest trends this season and surely a head turner, metallics can be tricky to wear. When worn right it can make you look like a million dollar fashionista and when worn wrong (which is incredibly easy with this trend, trust me!) it can make you look really tacky.  Here are a few pointers on how to rock this trend:

Less is more: Since this trend is a statement in itself, you might want to tone down on accessories a little bit. If you are going to wear simple pieces like metallic jeans or shorts, you can go with necklaces, rings or hats but when wearing a more prominent piece like a metallic dress or a blazer, you would better keep the accessories basic or skip them altogether.

Pair with neutrals: The easiest way to incorporate metallic into your wardrobe is to pair them with neutrals. It is a failsafe method and keeps the look chic and on trend. Use shades of white, grey, black or beige to create a simple, elegant yet eye-catching looks. For example, pair a metallic pencil skirt with a cream chiffon shirt or a metallic dress with nude heels.
Monopoly of metallic: When wearing this trend, make sure you wear only one key metallic piece and build the outfit around it. Wearing two metallic pieces might end up looking over the top and it’s difficult to carry as well.
Pop of color: It is not necessary that you have to pair metallics with neutrals only! If you like colors and experimenting with them, then go ahead and use a pop of color in your outfit. I would suggest going for colour-blocked heels with a metallic skirt, a colour-blocked top with metallic jeans or bright shorts with a metallic sweater.

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