Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My two weeks in paradise awaits!

 I am lying in my bed right now smiling like an idiot. I guess you will be doing the same if one of your ultimate life's goal came true all of a sudden. I always wanted to travel to world's most beautiful cities aka Paris, Switzerland, Milan, Venice and Rome. Now, I can check off three cities off my list because I am travelling to these places next month!! It almost feels too good to be true but amazingly it is true...^_______^

[WOW! I need to chill a lil...my cheeks hurt :P]

I am basically going to Milan for two weeks for a summer course in Fashion Styling. And during the weekend, I will be travelling to Venice and Rome as well and if I get some more time off the short course, I might also drop in a visit to Paris and Switzerland. Oh! This is so exciting! I just can't wait to be there already!

Image source: http://thedailyspaghetti.blogspot.in/2012/03/birds-of-fashion-part-2.html

This is one of the most famous shopping complexes and I am really looking forward to seeing it in person. The building is so intricately built. You might recognise this place from the song "Twist" from the movie, Love Aaj Kal.

Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Milan_Cathedral_from_Piazza_del_Duomo.jpg
The most beautiful building in Milan, the Duomo. It the cathedral church of Milan.
Image source: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/16849d/
And not to forget, the shopping!!! I am looking forward to shop the hell out of H&M! :P
Image source: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/1e03f7/
Annnndd....Sephora & Victoria Secrets!!!!
Image source: http://www.gomoneyways.com/?p=59669
I am also going to be documenting Milan Street Fashion. As all of you know, Milan is the Mecca of fashion, it's one of the fashion capitals of the world and the street fashion is the best there.

Image source: http://www.hdwallpapers.in/beauty_of_venice-wallpapers.html
Venice is also known as the floating city and it is breathtakingly beautiful. It is less than 3 hours away by train from Milan so I couldn't possibly miss the chance of visiting this stunning place.

Image source: http://hd-desktop-wallpapers.blogspot.in/2011/01/venice-italy-grand-canal-pictures.html

Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org
And of course, Rome! It is about 4 hours by Train from Milan and I have always been fascinated by the Colosseum and the Roman architecture.

Image source: http://tripsineurope.com/rome-italy-tourist-information/183
And the Trevi Fountain, the most famous wishing well in the world. It is said that if you throw a coin in the well, you are guaranteed to return to Rome. And I also read online that there's the best gelato shop around the corner, San Crispino! ;)

Image source: http://malpiszonvelmuszka.blogspot.in/2012/01/italy-rome-holiday-attractions-travel.html

I might also visit Florence in Tuscany, Paris & Switzerland if I find the time. I am really really excited for this trip and have been researching the places to shop, eat, visit constantly! The only thing I am dreading is the 10 hour long flights. But I have been doing my research on how to survive such long flights and what should I carry, etc etc so I think I will be fine....And the most amazing part of the whole trip is that I am going there with my girlfriends!!! I just had a sleepover with them last night and we were gushing happily that we will be having such amazing sleepovers in Milan for two whole weeks, it is going to be SO awesome!!!


crazypoplock said...

OMG you lucky girl! Please click loads of photos!!! And Good Luck with the whole planning of the trip! ^_^.

♥ Crazy Pop Lock ♥

candyvioleta said...

lucky you!
all of the pictures above are making me jealous!
I badly wanna go to
I just wanted to ask you that is this through your college or this is something you looked for and got the job!

Mehak said...

Im honeymooning in paris and switzerland so might bump into u!!!

giggle girlie gang said...

Wow!! Nothing like work/study at Milan with vacation in Paris & Switzerland !!!!enjoy it girl ...have fun:)

Srish said...

@Crazypoplock - He he! Thanks!!! I am already on it! ;)

@Candyvioleta - I am going through my college. NABA Milano offers special summer courses to colleges associated with it :)

Srish said...

@Mehak - WOw!!! First of all Congrats again! And yes, we just might ^____^

@Giggle - Thanks!! :D

Petra világa said...

I'm in Padova now. I went to Milano last month and to Venice three times! One of the best place in the world! :)
And you have to go to Verona! Beautiful! I took photos on these places! You can find those in my blog: petravilaga.blogspot.com

Anna said...

Way to go Srish!! this trip sounds awesome! Don't forget to visit florence, I would rather visit Florence than Pisa/Venice any day and the cathedral in Milan is not to be missed!! Have fun!!

SuperSummer said...

Agree with the above - do not miss florence!! I think you can do it enroute to Rome - Florence has the best outlets too so in my opinion the best place to shop in Italy!!


Suniti Jham said...

Sounds spectacular
Bon Voyage babe!

Much Love,

Pajama Diaries said...

You have got to visit Tuscany!!!! Its quaint and lovely!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Hey kewl! Congrats!!! :) :) :)
Fashion Panache

Anubha Rathi said...

I was there at this palce last month. the place was reeally amazing but u can't enter in that church if u are wearing a dress or sleevless top or smthn like that...

KrazzyKi said...

Happy Journey dearo..njoiiii :)

The Sweet Life

rbdomans said...

I've known this incredible place in Florence (Italy) last month. It is amagic place: an historical sculpture studio, amasing!
Raffaello Romanelli Sculpture(Florence)

rbdomans said...

I've known this incredible place in Florence (Italy). It is an historical sculpture studio, amasing!
Raffaello Romanelli Sculpture(Florence)

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