Friday, July 27, 2012

Milan Beauty Haul!!!

God knows how much I had been craving to pay a visit to Sephora! As soon as I landed, I wanted to hit two stores, H&M and Sephora. First day, we all went to Duomo which is a huge shopping paradise and you  get all sorts of brands there but before I could spot these stores, we had to leave as we were supposed to meet few more friends for a visit to Como Lake, a very hot tourist spot nearby Milano. I went back to Duomo a few days later and could only find H&M (it's a really huge place and you need at least a month to explore the whole Duomo!There are three H&M stores in Duomo itself for God's sake!) After two more visits and no Sephora, I was bound to take some action so I called my Hotel's reception and asked if they knew where Sephora stores were located in the city. The guy was really sweet and gave me the descriptions of the two biggest Sephora stores and finally I spotted it in Duomo! yayaiee!! I was like a kid in a candy store! I mean seriously!! No Joke! After almost 2 hours in the store and a much lighter wallet, I walked out swearing to come back once again before I leave..:P

Its pretty obvious, I went bonkers with the!

The packaging is oh-so-cute! And the quality of the products is surprisingly good!

A silicon based pore minimizing Primer

Cream foundation which leaves a matte finish, SO CUTE!

Brow Highlighter, Seriously this is too good!

A brightening pink primer

I grabbed all the famous and much talked about products from UD, no second thoughts or pondering over :P
All nighter Spray, Primer Potion & Naked Palette....yay yay yay!! ^_____^

Well, I bought this Naked palette the same day I had my flight. It was expensive so I had decided that I would buy it only if I have enough cash left by the last day. 

Again, a last day impulse purchase. I had been reading a lot of rave reviews about this product lately and wanted to give it a try. I have used it twice since and I absolutely love it! BEST FOUNDATION EVER!!

The Sephora lipsticks were available in sooo many colors!! From brights to dulls, creamy to matte, every shade you could think of was right in front of me. I knew resistance was futile so picked 3 gorgeous colors....

I got these sample products with my purchase..yay yay! The Dior bottle is soooo cute!!

I also picked few nailpaints from H&M and Kiko. Kiko is a Milano brand but I wasn't really impressed with the makeup quality of the products except the stick blushes and nailpaints. I picked up a natural color blush for my sister and she loved it.

I am really excited to use all these new products and would also do detailed review of them. Let me know if any of you want some particular products to be reviewed.Ciao!!! :D


Shy Cheeeks said...

Wow, Amazing HAUL!! I see my Favourite Naked Palette ;)
xo said...

Did i say i'm jealous? :P

New Post Up- When Not To Wear Jeans?

Suruchi Gulati said...

Great haul srish! Would love to see you do reviews of the benefit cosmetics! =)

A Lot Like Fashion said...

Eeep! Loving all the products. Thinking of trying the Chanel foundation. Been using the Naked Palette for a while now and I'm addicted :D
Btw, I'm shifting to Delhi, so we should catch up soon!


Akansha said...

You should do a review of the products you bought. Will help us. :)

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