Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mixing Prints and Textures

So, I just ended my Gossip Girl Season 5 Marathon yesterday and how eerie was it to end the season on the same note as it started! Especially with Serena, could she be more irritating! I have had a love/hate relationship with that girl but now I am left with the later one only. No matter how good her fashion sense is, as a person and a friend, she is the worst.And Ivy Dickens....well, her name says it all! [hint: Poison Ivy!] I loved Blair though, she has grown into a whole new person and shed the boundaries of Upper East Side by dating a Brooklyn boy and actually trying to make it work! A little scheming here and there just adds more to her charm. Well, forgive me if I am blabbering a little too much but you see, I am obsessed! I cannot wait for Season 6 already and apparently, that's the last season! Oh! How will I survive! I guess, I am still fine after the last Harry Potter movie, so.....:P

{Tie-dye Pants - Lifestyle, T-shirt - thrifted, Bag/Shoes/Cuff/Ring/Sunglasses - H&M, Necklace - Stradivarius, Spike Ring - Forever 21, Watch - Aldo}

There are some days when you want to dress down in casuals and be comfortable and there are days when you wanna play dress up and wear an unconventional outfit. I was feeling like the later one so I decided to wear my much loved tie-dye pants and instead of pairing it with a simple block color shirt or top which I usually do, I went with striped color blocked print and added some texture to the outfit with a fringe necklace and spiked & studded accessories/shoes to pull the look together. Personally, I am in love with this outfit and might just repeat this exact ensemble again![which I very rarely do ;)] Mixing prints is my new thing and I love how the results are so unique and unexpected! Give it a try and I am sure every time you will come up with unique combinations :D

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I hate monsoon...did I tell you that?

During monsoons, it all comes down to your hair and your footwear. The hair being frizzy and the footwear being dirty seems to be the biggest issues in the world. For me, pulling my hair in a bun answers my frizzy hair woes but flip-flops? No can do! With all due respect to the cute flip-flop girls, I hate flip-flops! Or any monsoon friendly footwear for that matter. God knows, I have tried them in every way they come, the gold details ones, the wedge ones, the plastic ones, and so on so forth. After going through all of them, all I can say is...I love my suedes and leathers! And apparently, suede and rain don't mix and as much as I hate stepping out in the rain, sometimes I just have to. For those tricky times, my old, worn out Rosso Brunello comes in handy. No flip-flops! ;)

For this post, I wore my new suede loafers as it had stopped raining right before I stepped out!(Oh! Thank you Lord!). Another thing about me and monsoon, I don't wear any accessory when it's raining...I just feel uncomfortable, I honestly have no explanation as to why! But I make up for the lack of bling bling with a statement somethin' somethin'! What are thoughts about my kickass clutch? **coy smile** 

P.S.- On a rainy day, put on a bright lipstick and watch with your eyes how the day brightens up! Who needs a Sun when you can shine ;)

{Denims - Kazo, Top - thrifted, Clutch/ Shoes - H&M}

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Style Fashion Etc in Milan!

{Top/ Shorts/ Cuff - Forever 21, Bag - Accessorize, Watch - Aldo, Necklace - Gift}
First day exploring Duomo shopping complex...

Goofing around in NABA[my college campus] with my awesome friends ^____^

{Shorts/ Bag/ Shades/ Rings - H&M, Top - Forever 21, Sandals - Stradivarius, Watch - Aldo, Laptop Bag - Forever New}
FYI, I am not carrying two bags, the leopard print one is my laptop bag.

This is my kickass campus! Can you believe it! B)

The ice-creams of Milano is what  miss the most...They were sooo yummmm......not-too-sweet, too-good-to-be-true, melts-in-your-mouth yumm!!

{Top/ Shades/ Bag - H&M, Skirt - Forever 21, Necklace/ Sandals - Stradivarius}

The big shopping day in Duomo....I shopped the hell out of H&M & Sephora that day :P

{Top/ Sandals - Forever 21, Pants - Lifestyle, Bag - H&M, Necklace - thrifted, Watch - Aldo

Last day in College....we got our summer course certificates and my dear friends were much too excited about it as you can :P

My shoe shopping ^______^

My most favourite pair from H&M!! Love it to death! 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures...Going through them makes me miss the time I spent there so so much. I made such amazing friends there and had the time of my life...Will always remember those 15 days...the magical 15 days <3 p="p">

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Delhi Couture Week: Ashima & Leena [Major Partner : Signature]

The Ashima Leena collection has been aptly named ‘Raag Rattan’ by the legendary celebrated Sufi singer Zila Khan, whose melodious and meserizing voice enthralled the audience while bringing alive the soul of this collection. As her rich, soulful music weaved magic on the fabric of silence, the designs emerged magnificient, rare and precious. Crystallizing each sparkling note into matter, these garments were dazzingly bejewelled, drawing from the same source of heritage and tradition, yet moving on into a more contemporary realm.

Starting with diaphanous whites and cremes, set off by glittering accents and beaten gold work, the silhouettes speak of new vintage, the chakdaar jama of the mughals, especially, reinterpreted as contemporary clothing. Sheer and sensous drapes combined with body jewellery as a part of the garment set the mood for beautiful tones o tourmaline, jade green and cerulean blues. Moving on the collection takes on deeper jewel tones, prominently ruby, emerald and amethyst. The body of the garment becomes more classic, more regal with long jackets, almost skimming the floor worn with very full skirts. The embroideries bring to mind the almost lost art of precious old artisanship, the jewels of erstwhile maharajas making a scintillating style statement as embellishments. The same craftsmanship is echoed in the specially created shoes, modern wedges encrusted with diamante.

As the collection drew to a triumphant climax buoyed by the crescendo of vibrant song, the muse of the designers took the ramp the classically elegant and eternally gorgeous Sharmila Tagore. The perfect embodiment of the rich and regal vibe of this collection which is indeed a ‘tour de force’ brought together music, fashion and beauty in perfect and joyful harmony.

Sharmila Tagore made a surprise appearance near the end of the show which was like a cherry on the cake.

The after-party was fabulous to say the least. The private Signature Lounge was filled with stylish and fashionable high-profile socialites, models & designers, who talked and gushed about the stunning collection while sipping wine.

It truly seemed to be the playground of the bold and the beautiful! With an excellent service and exquisite wine, Signature has outdone itself! I had a fabulous time and so did my friend.

I managed few quick shots right before calling it a night! I was exhausted and my feet were killing me, what we girls have to go through in the name of fashion! ha!

{Shirt/Skirt - H&M, Clutch/ Necklace - Forever21, Shoes - U.S., Watch - Aldo}