Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Milan: People & Pets

Not only the city is beautiful, so are the people of Milan! Inside & Out!

Pets were to be seen everywhere, it was like they were the "It" accessory of the season! And they were allowed in the stores!

This elegant lady and her super fash-forward dress-up demanded my attention and I just had to ask her to pose for me. How cool are those denims!

This was a real person standing still like a statue.

The dreamy model at the shoot.

Street performers

The hot model at the shoot!

How cute are those shorts!!!

My gorgeous and super sweet model, Aneta! It was lovely working with her ^____^

Be tuned for a couple more posts from my trip...There are just too many pictures!


Krithi Mithun Marla said...

wow at Pics ...Lovely
Looking fwd for more pics:) said...

Lovely pics!! What took you to Milan?

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Aarthi said...

amazing clicks n thanks for sharing them :-) model looks super hot both d guy n d gal ;)