Saturday, September 22, 2012


Movie Watch is a new segment where I will talk about the latest movies that I have watched and my few words on it. This was just a random thought by A, but I was like why not! I am a huge movie junkie and I see a lot of movies so maybe I can share my thoughts and it may save or make your weekends ;)
Though I shall warn you, I am no movie critique and my reviews would be very basic, plain and simple. Basically, to-the-point. I am not going to dig too deep in the acting, direction or editing. It's just what I feel about the movie, me being an audience. 

After watching this movie today, my first thought was " Aish must be so happy". Even the impeccable acting of Kareena could not save this controversial movie. With that being said....

The beginning part of the movie is the flashback tell-tale and the rest is the journey of an actress hitting new lows. The protagonist of the movie is Mahi Arora. She is an actress in the show-business who is trying to find love around her but always fails. Even after moving on from her commitment-phobic boyfriend and a very successful actor Aryan(Arjun Rampal) to a loving, caring , marriage-kind cricketer Angad(Randeep Hooda), she never finds happiness. Her career sulks and then as the movie progresses, it sulks a bit more.  

New fresh competitions, brutal and ruthless media and her own insecurity along with her bipolar personality takes her downhill. Throughout the movie, she struggles between love and career. And no thanks to her self destructive actions and prone-to-depression character. Kareena plays the role beautifully, doing justice to multiple roles she enacts in one movie. A clinging girlfriend, a superstar, a depressed and defeated girl, a prostitute, every role has been enacted to perfection. She shines, smiles, cries, bawls, throws tantrums, bitches, plays coy, pouts, and looks incredible doing it all.

The movie seems very low budget with a very poor star-cast & lame dialogues and hence poor acting (except Kareena, ofcourse). It's slow, long and monotonous and sometimes becomes too repetitive. At every point when you see a light at the end of the tunnel, it turns out that there is no end to this tunnel. To say, this movie had SO much potential which was sadly left unexplored...

Kareena's makeup is beautiful throughout the movie and her skin glows to an extent where you get confused if it's photo-shopped or real. Even though there are plenty of scenes with tonnes of photoshop, I don't mind. You know why? Coz Kareena was the only thing to watch in the movie and I don't mind her looking pin perfect.

After much drama and waiting for something even slightly hopeful to happen, the movie ends. BLUNTLY ENDS!
(Argh! I hate when that happens!)

My Ratings: ** 
My Recommendations: How to put this mildly....