Friday, October 5, 2012

The most romantic city in the world: Venice!

Browsing through my posts I realized, I have a couple of the good ones in my draft! I uploaded the pics but never posted them. My forgetful mind, I tell you! 

This post was the last part of my Milan series of posts and the best as well. If you follow me on Twitter & Instagram, you will know that I visited Venice on one of the weekends that I stayed in Milan. It was a beautiful journey and the destination was even more beautiful. I had kept Venice on the top of my to-do list for Milan. I have read everywhere that Venice is sinking and in the next 50 years or more, it will sink at least 8 inches which is quite alarming. Though this has been an ongoing process for last 1000 years, it has become 5 times faster in the last few years. Nevertheless, Venice is still the most beautiful city in the world and you will know once you see it. 

The train takes approx 2- 3 hours to reach Milan and it's a very comfortable ride. With huge windows and a very good air-conditioning and baggage space, you should't face any problem. I enjoyed looking out the windows the most, you can see the small and beautiful cities of Italy, the red roof homes and the Italian streets, it's all so amazing!

I was mesmerized by the city! There's water everywhere, people actually travel by water to go places! There are a few street and small cute bridges also.

If you go to Venice and don't go on Gandola Ride, then that's a huge mistake! It's a beautiful ornamented boat with soft cushions and everything which takes you on a ride to show the whole city!

{ Dress/ Flats/ Hand Cuff - Forever 21, Belt - Promod, Hat - Venice}

The amazing range of pastas selling on the streets of Venice. I got one for my mom and she loved it!

Oh! How I miss Italy...the magical two weeks...and those amazing friends...!


John Edword said...

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Coral Crue said...

wow, venice!! how beautiful :)