Friday, November 30, 2012

On my Agenda for the Weekend!

Well, I always write these down on digital Post-it notes on my desktop but since they seem to be there like all the time and in the absence of any witnesses, I keep shifting the dates, I figured if you all knew about what I am supposed to get done by the end of the weekend, I might comply!So, here are the things that are on my agenda for the weekend!

I do this at the end of every semester because during the semester, I can't manage any time to put all the clothes neatly and color co-ordinate them and I keep adding more clothes and then there's a ruckus and then there's no more space to put any more clothes and then the new ones just lie in their respective shopping bags at the end of my bed and my wardrobe starts expanding to my bed and eating up my sleeping space! Phew! That went into a little too much excruciating details, ignore it if you will. I plan to clean my closet thoroughly this time around, throwing out all my not-worn-since-last-one-year clothes and arranging everything neatly so that EVERYTHING is easily accessible. I really do want to utilize my whole closet and not only live out of the top-of-the-pile clothes!

This is also an end-of-the-semester job. Since I am a design student, I need more tools than just a laptop, a notebook and a pen. And these tonnes of stationeries are used to create more things and those things then needs to be realized with fabrics, there are test fits, final drafts and what not!I come home every evening and dump all of my college stuff on my workspace and by the end of the semester, it becomes a hot mess. Need to set things straight again so that I am ready for my next and last semester with an appropriate workspace! ^_____^

Even though I keep my makeup VERY organized, there's no space for more. So, I need to re-arrange and make space for a couple of my new makeup products which are still in their shopping bags :P

I need to change the decorations in my room. The sole reason: I don't do monotonous.

Last couple of months have been hectic as ever with constructing the final garment, working on portfolio, visiting home, fashion weeks, events, new blog projects, etc etc...Now, I just want to lean back and relax. A much-needed salon visit is in order.

How can a weekend be complete without a party!
The Chivas Studio is hosting a fabulous event at ITC Maurya, which will showcase Art.Installation.Cinema.Music! Rohit Bal, Karan Johar and Karsh Kale have some surprises in store, I can hardly wait!

So, there you have it! My weekend Agenda right down to every small detail. I am actually quite excited for this weekend as it does not involve any college assignments or projects ^____^

What's on your Agenda for the weekend? Do you like to chill at your home or go out shopping or maybe go out partying? And if you have any cool closet or makeup organization tips, please let me know in the comments below, God knows I can use some tips! :P

Happy Weekend!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fall Outfit Inspiration: The Military Jeans and Wedge Sneakers Trend

{ Jeans/T-shirt/Bag/Scarf - Zara, Faux Leather Jacket - Stradivarius, Knuckle Ring - H&M, Spikes Ring - Forever 21, Wedge Sneakers - Ebay}

My busy days are over guys!!! Yayyieee!! I am so psyched that finally the semester ended happily and now we just have some workshop for a couple of weeks. I have so much more time for blogging now and I can't wait to experiment more with my new camera and few new fall pieces!! I want to focus on more trendy pieces like a leather jacket, military jeans, oxblood, etc and how to incorporate them with more classic items like a white t-shirt, jeans, nude cardigan, shirts, etc. Also, I want to re-fuel an old project that I was planning but it never happened...So basically, a lot of blogging! :P

I wore this outfit last weekend when we went to watch Breaking Dawn:Part 2. The movie was amazinggggg!!! I absolutely loved it and I was little sad too that the series ended...I loved Twilight series and the first movie is my absolutely favorite out of all. In respect of Twilight, I wore this look as it is kinda what Kristen Stewart wears...a jeans, T-shirt, leather jacket and sneakers. I absolutely loved the look, it was comfortable and cool...

I bought the military jeans a couple of weeks ago from Zara along with another Blue super comfy denims. If you have not noticed before, I do not own or wear any denims. I have denim shorts, but I have not been wearing proper denims for like past 2 years or so...I know it sounds weird, right? But, I had a skinny trousers in blue, red and pink from Zara only which used to make-up for it..sorta! And another really old pair which I had ripped and used to wear it like a boyfriend denims. It was about time I bought a pair of good ol' denims! I am actually looking forward to wearing it :D


Friday, November 23, 2012

Fall Outfit Inspiration: The Leather Jacket Trend

Hello friends!
The weekend is here, as well as my college deadline! The final project for the semester is due on Monday and today we will be doing a photo-shoot for the final garment I created. I am so nervous and excited...happens to me every semester! This sem, we have been working on an industrial project for W[Yes, the brand] and I designed a torso garment (Kurta) and a bifurcate garment (Straight Pants).  Hope everything goes fine, fingers crossed!!
And if you guys didn't knew already (which is not practically possible!), the last movie of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is releasing today in India!!!! I am SO beyond excited!!! Already got my tickets booked for tomorrow's show and I.CAN'T.WAIT!! It's going to be so huge and amazing! And, I am also planning to pay a visit to Sephora this weekend, it's already been days since it's opened and I haven't yet dropped in, shame on me! Have you guys checked out the store yet? I am praying they have brands like Urban Decay, Benefit and yes, Chanel! I have been trying to buy a Chanel bronzer and seems like Chanel counters are nowhere in Shopper Stop and even not in Lifestyle of Ambience, Promanade or Citywalk! I think I saw one counter in Pacific Mall's Lifestyle once....Anyways, I am hoping it's there in Sephora, it will save me an extra trip to Pacific Mall. Not that I don't like going to mall, I LOVE going to malls but there's just too much on my plate right now with the semester project, blog, events and all that...I hardly get to go to malls a lot :( But hey! I went shopping a couple of days back and the Autumn/Winter Collection is so amazing! I have been planning to share a Haul of all my recent purchases but let's see when can I make it happen....I feel like I am babbling a lot! This must be the longest post in ages! Lol! 

Anyways, Enjoy the first outfit post shot by our new camera...!

{Dress/Spikes Ring - Forever 21, Tights/Clutch- ASOS, Scarf - OVS, Faux Leather Jacket - Stradivarius, Cuff/Ring - H&M, Shoes - U.S.}

Leather jacket is like a must- have item in every girl's as well as guy's closet, it never goes out of style and it looks good on everyone! Not to mention, the numerous ways of wearing it...throw it over a casual outfit like a T-shirt and Denims or over a dress, it always works! As I told you guys earlier, leather(faux leather, guys!) is going to be my best friend for this season. I am stacking on as many pieces as I can get my hands on, I am in love with this trend! Ah! How I love Fall!!

(P.S. - I am scheduling this post for tonight so by the time you guys see this, hopefully my shoot will successfully be over!)


Monday, November 19, 2012

Lust List...

Even though I am swamped with college work, I cannot help but feel a little bit too excited about the weather...Fall is my favorite season and I absolutely love Fall Fashion! This fall, leather is going to be my best friend that I know for sure. And a few other things I have been lusting over and fully intent to take possession of by the end of the year...

1. Oversized Cardigan
What can be better than cozying up with an oversized cardigan when the chilly weather takes over! I am planning to go out soon and get one so that I can live in it for the next few months.

2. Leather Skirt
I am loving A-line full leather skirts with lots of gathers/pleats at the waistline. They look chic and comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down easily. A much needed staple for my wardrobe.

3. Wedge Sneakers
All my Facebook and Twitter followers must be aware of my new-found love for these! I have never been a shoe person but I gave way to oxford shoes last year(who can say no to oxfords!) and seems like this year, Wedge Sneakers are winning me over! Guess these will be my new kicks for the season...

Yes, I am lusting over a bronzer in fall...But, I saw a review of this product online and instantly fell in love with it! I have been loving Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation and was hoping to buy the Chanel Correcteur Perfection Concealer but my concealer needs got satisfied by Ellis Faas Concealer. So, this might just satisfy my need to indulge in Chanel all over again and plus, it's supposed to do wonders in contouring! 

5. Cat-Eye Frames
I like to change my look every so often and I have a feeling that these frames are going to be a big help in the process!

6. Chunky Glitter Polish
Fall means festivities and what festivities are complete without some glitter,eh? And now that Sephora has opened in India, my search for big chunky glitter polish might just come to a rest!

I have already checked off one major item from my wishlist and that is the Canon EOS 7D DSLR and I cannot wait to show you guys the kicka** pictures this stuff takes! ^______^

What are the items on your wishlist? Do we have anything in common? If yes, that is so cool!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall Styling series: Episode 2 [Collab with French Connection]

These Styling Series have been so much fun to shoot and edit and finally to show it to all of you. Recently I collaborated with FCUK to bring their latest collection for Fall in light. We have been an avid lover of the brand as it reflects our fashion sense and aesthetics perfectly and the new collection doesn't fail to impress!

I styled this day outfit which one can wear to run errands, to go to brunch, shopping, movies or to just casually hang around with your friends. The leather trend is going to be big this fall and hence, the leather pants add the perfect trendy points to the whole casual look. I loved the fact that there is a layer of fabric inside the pants which makes it so much easier to slip on and it also keeps the body warm and cozy.The bag and its burgundy color also rates high on the fall trend meter. The T-shirt and the knitted infinity scarf is the most comfortable aspect of the whole look. The knit scarf creates the perfect amount of barrier against the chilly weather to keep your neck warm.

For a more evening occasion, pair this perfect nude cardigan with any body-con dress from FCUK (they have plenty to choose from!), a statement necklace and some heels and you are set for the night. I loved this look personally, it's SO me! Perfect New-York chic outfit!

There are also some limited edition dresses in the store which you can grab in the next few days. This sequin collared one is my favorite from the limited edition dresses. 

The menswear collection is also amazing. They have denim shirts, plaid shirts, military cargo pants and what not!

Check out the video below and see how we styled these outfits together and a first official glimpse of A in action ;)

Hope you liked the video! If you did, don't forget to like, subscribe or know it will make my day! I love hearing from you guys! <3 p="p">


Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Outfit Inspiration: Mixing trends

If you read my post earlier about Wearable Trends for Fall 2013 [Click HERE to read], you might be going like "OMG! so many trends, all so different and dramatic, I cannot possibly remember all of this non-sense every morning I am dressing up and even if I do, I would ridiculous in my office dressed like that!!". Then, think again...

I told you about the trends which are wearable, and to what degree you adopt these trends in your day-to-day life is totally upto you! I would suggest, small dosage of new trends in your personal style is perfect to jazz up your look and rate high on the trend radar. 

This post is an example, I am wearing 5 Fall trends together in one single outfit and it looks perfectly fine. Why? 'cause I kept the doasge small! I switched my regular pants for leather pants, regular tote for a snakeskin print bag, wore oxblood on my nails and lips, ankle boots and the color combination of my whole outfit was blue and black!

Figured the 5 trends yet?
1. Blue and Black Combo
2. Ankle Boots
3. Snakeskin Print
4. Leather
5. Oxblood/ Burgundy Color

{Faux Leather Pants/ Shirt - Zara, Bag/Sunglasses/Ring - H&M, Necklace - Stradivarius, Shoes - U.S., Watch - Aldo}

Good Luck mixing and matching trends and let's see how many you can wear at once ;)