Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Transformation: Day Look in a Dress

It's the Holiday season! And along with holidays comes tailing right behind, the parties. There are times when you get caught in a dilemma as such that requires two very different outfits for two very different occasions but on not-so-different days. But, what you actually require is a multi-functional outfit that can be dressed up or dressed down within minutes to suit different occasions! Hence, this post.

Holiday Transformation Series is based on picking out an outfit and creating a Day Look as well as a Night Look with the same pieces. This will help you get an idea on how to take your outfit down a notch as well as up a notch. Or maybe two!

{Dress - Thrifted, Tights - Asos, Jacket - Espirit, Belt - Promod, Shoes/Bag - H&M, Ring - Forever 21}

This dress was such a steal when I bought it last summers and I hadn't even realized it till now. It just sat in a dark corner of my closet waiting to see the sunshine but that never happened. My recent closet organization has shed light on such many pieces and I couldn't be happier! If you are one of those girls, who think "I have nothing to wear!" every morning while getting dressed, I suggest you take a look in your closet, and when I say "take a look", I really want you to look! I promise you will never have to even think those dreadful 5 words ever again!

This outfit is simple, college/office/work friendly, keeps you warm and comfortable while looking fabulous all the time. It's very easy to create really. Just pick a dress that you would like to wear for the dinner party the same day and throw on some tights and jacket to keep yourself warm. Remember to cinch in your waist by adding a thin belt to the smallest part of your waist. [The trick is: Use thin belt when you want to look slimmer by emphasizing your waist & use thick belt when you want to look voluptuous, this one is especially for the lean girls who would like to add some curves to their body.] I try to steer clear from thick belts usually. Finish off the look with a cute ballet flats and light makeup. And you are ready to go run all the errands before hitting the party. Just remember to carry a few things in your car so that you can dress up for later. You ask what? Have patience, darlings! More about the Night Look in the next post! Till then, stay chic!



Ankita Bardhan said...

You look fab Srish..and the glasses add work chick thing to the look :)
And I agree a girl needs couple of duel-functional items in her wardrobe, especially when the holidays and festivities are around :D

True,whenever I am freaking, I have nothing to wear...I discover bit later I have some pieces still untouched lol.. :D We girls have a habit of complaining about how less clothes we have :P

Annie said...

Super cute outfit - I love the fact that it's so easy to put together yet so appropriate for so many occassions. Love your glasses too!

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