Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Outfit Inspiration: Leather Pants - Sunny Side Up!!

{Leather Pants/Shoes - Zara, T-shirt/Cardigan - Mango, Watch/Bracelet-cum-Ring - Aldo, Bag - H&M, Necklace - Stradivarius}

Leather is probably the second biggest trend of the season. Did I hear you ask, what's the first one?? If yes, you must be living under a rock or a stone-age era where there is no internet, phone or TV! [Ironically, at this point I would give anything to trade places with you!] The first and the topmost single biggest trend of the season is Oxblood or in a layman language, Burgundy hue. I ,personally, am in love with this season's trends, not to mention I have worn them so much that now even A knows every single of those trends by name, category and sequence! Anyways, that's wayyyyy beyond the point I was trying to make, lol! [But seriously, if you are not aware of the trends, why not give a quick run-through this post, HERE!]

I got this leather leggings from Zara last year but never got a chance to wear them. This season, I am getting a good amount of use out of them as they are super chic and trendy and goes with almost anything. Well, not exactly anything unless they are all hip-covering long torso garments :P I feel, if I had got a leather pants instead of leggings, they would have been much more versatile but oh well, I love these too. The exact same story goes for the shoes: Bought-last-year, never-worn, wearing-this-season.

The jewelleries however are all new and super unique. The necklace was not the first pick of any of my friends while shopping in Milan but I loved them the instant I saw it. I guess I have a strong connection to weird, different and super cool things! The bracelet-cum-ring was also a love at first sight. I like how trendy it is inspite of the fact that it's structure is based on ages old jewellery worn by brides in our culture. These are becoming very famous in the States and I can see why.

I put together this outfit to beat the gloomy winter days by adding some color to the greys and blues of the season's palette. And you know what, adding colors does really brighten up a dull day!!


Unknown said...

Great look.Emerald green happens to be my favorite color and looks really good on you.:)
I'm new to the blog.You both are doing an amazing job.From the clothes, photography and to the back ground.Everything works together.You got yourself a new reader.:)

Eccentric Connoisseur said...

i love those leather pants<3

Eccentric Connoisseur

p.s: New post up:)

SFE Team said...

@Josie - Thank you so much for your lovely words, really appreciate it! :)

Amanda R. said...

That's really really cool! I have been looking around on how to style my leather pants too, yours is a great idea! :)