Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On a Fashion Mission with Allen Solly!

Allen Solly have always been a brand I turn to when I need to buy formal clothing. They have always had work appropriate formals and casual Friday clothes. But, I was honestly surprised to see Allen Solly launching their new collection of chic dresses! There is something for everyone in their new collection. I loved the pretty silhouettes and the prints. And luckily, I got a chance to shoot 5 of these dresses. The "Fashion Mission" was a fun and unforgettable experience, the results of which came out to be spectacular!

These girls are not models, not perfect figures or height but they are real. They are girls who are working in corporate offices, have their own label or work from home and they shine in the beautiful dresses by Allen Solly.

Charu works as an assistant fashion designer and true to her job, she is always effortlessly chic. Her style is easy and relaxed. I love how she carries this glamorous asymmetrical dress with such ease and the pearls and glasses give the whole look a cool vibe, very Audrey Hepburn.

Charu - "I am literally in love with my dress. I would wear it everyday if I could. No seriously, I would! I never expected to find such a beautiful feminine dress in Allen Solly as they are more into Friday dressing but this was such a pleasant surprise. It fits perfectly and looks very glamorous and sophisticated."

Niharika works at the famous Radisson Blu Plaza and is always dressed to impress. A free spirited soul like her, its only fitting that she wears the bird print dress. I like how the dress hugs her like a glove and enhances her persona and the fact that it's perfect for a girly girl as well as a fashion girl adds so much more value to it.

Niharika - "What I like about Allen Solly's collection the most is how it makes you look effortlessly beautiful. For example, the dress I wore is very simple and comfortable but the use of vibrant colors make it look trendy and glamorous."

Owner of the label "Elitista", Jyotsna is a budding fashion designer and she looks the part. A strong independent woman needs a dress just as chic and effective as she herself is. I am truly astonished how strong this picture turned out portraying her in her true self, confident and in control of her surroundings.

jyotsna - "I absolutely loved the color and the fit of the dress!! It was  very urban chic and that's the look I was going for as an entrepreneur. I cannot wait to check out the rest of the collection, I think I would love the printed dresses they have come out with."

Neha is a Fashion Designer who recently opened her own label "Neha Krishna". I love how this dress compliments her vibrant personality despite being a muted color. She effortlessly carries this grey dress from Allen Solly teamed with a golden neckpiece, looking perfectly chic.

Neha - "The best thing about the Allen Solly dress I wore was how it made me feel confident and ready to take on the world. I needed an attire which was sophisticated and work appropriate whike still being chic and sexy and this dress is just that and more!"

Working as a fashion designer in one of India's top export houses, the industry demands an impeccable personality and sense of style. The floral shirt dress and clogs allows easy movement and provides all day comfort. The hat ties up the whole look together making the shirt dress look effortlessly chic.

Allen Solly has been famous for their Friday dressing but with their new dresses collection, I feel they are ready to dive into the Saturday dressing as well. I was blown away by their new effortless chic collection. The dress are easy to wear and super stylish. The prints and colors are vibrant enough for Summers yet sober enough for Winter, they could be dresses up for an evening out as well as dressed down for daytime. I am very impressed with the collection and proud to be one of their partner bloggers.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Online shopping just got more interesting!

Don't tell anyone, but whenever I have few free minutes in office, I am always on shopping websites. Now, I know who are the biggest customers of such shopping portals, the working people! Whenever you get fed up or have a little time to yourself in office, one of the best things you could do besides taking naps is going over to online shopping websites. See, I work 6 days a week, so that just leaves one day for all my grocery shopping, movies, etc. So, I try to save up my time by ordering almost everything online. I did the decor of my whole room sitting in my office. God forbid if my boss reads this!

I always thought of Flipkart.com as a great portal for buying books and gadgets. They have always been the best with their delivery and customer service and that has made me one of their frequent shoppers.
Recently, I came across their new video ad campaign and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Flipkart.com has now lauched a women's store which houses more than 500 brands! [Say whaaaaaa!]
It's like everything is just a click away - so easy to search and so easy to order. After spending few hours on the website, I created few looks and then just thought of sharing on the blog, coz something had to come out of those few hours spent :P

One of the trends I really liked in their Trendy section is Animal print. The classics are back in trend this season and animal print is one of the most classic and trendy prints. Checkout my most favorite pieces...

And few of the outfits I created for the Holiday season!

As the holiday season is approaching, you would be attending parties, be it a house party or all night club hopping. This outfit is for the relaxed ladies who are funky yet want to keep cosy in proper legwear. The fun Vogue clutch and the necklace are my favorite part!

A little black dress goes a long way when it comes to parties. Style them with hint of prints and you are good to go!

If you are one of those who likes to make heads turn, this outfit is perfect for you. Wear it to the New Year Eve bash and make sure you enter the New year all fabulous and stylish!

P.S.- All items are from Flipkart.com


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cosmopolitan & TRESemmé's Backstage Bash!

Last week Cosmopolitan and TRESemmé hosted an exclusive backstage party, like the ones from New York or Paris Fashion Weeks! The recreation of the backstage drama of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014 was nailed to perfection with skinny models clad in Falguni & Shane Peacock's SS14 collection and all the elites of the fashion world in attendance. While The Foyer at Olive was buzzing with backstage excitement and air-kissing elites, the models were getting their hair done by the efficient TRESemmé team and I was ogling the hair stylists work their magic on the models while munching on fresh strawberries dipped in whipped cream and some bubbly. Can't complain!

001 009 011 021 035 030 053

Now, I snagged a little tutorial courtesy TRESemmé for all you guys. This super easy 5 minute updo is going to be a life saver for my bad hair days.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Transitioning into Fall: Outfit 3 [White Leather Cutwork Sweatshirt+High Waist Denims]

068 082
{Sweatshirt - Choies.com, Denims/Shoes - Zara, Clutch/Knuckle Ring - H&M, Bracelet - Forever 21}

With unexpected rainfalls and slight chill in the evening air, Fall is fast approaching. I am really getting into sweatshirts for this season. I haven't ever worn sweatshirts before but now I am exploring the idea of pairing casual sweatshirts with interesting bottoms. This sweatshirt is itself very interesting with sheer panels and leather cutwork details and paired with the high waisted pleated denims, it looks very Milan chic. I say this coz I had shot a lady in Milan for my street fashion section last year and this outfit is kinda inspired from her. Check out that post HERE, it's the lady in the third picture. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Biba Store Visit + Collection Review

The festive season is closing in on us and like me, probably all of you are looking for some pretty Indian wear outfits. Shopping for a casual garment especially Western wear is always easy and affordable but when you go out to buy Indian wear outfits, it's hard not to break the bank! Well, there's one place where you can find designer and absolutely beautiful Indian wear this season and that place ladies and gentlemen, is Biba!

Last time I had visited a Biba store was probably 2 or 3 years back when I needed to buy formal wear for my business college. I hated wearing trousers and formal shirts and ditched them for easy wear kurti tops. However, this time when I visited the store, I was honestly stunned by the collection! The riot of colors! The Rohit Bal collaboration! Oh, where do I even begin!

The collection is based on themes and each themes dictate the prints, colors and silhouettes of the pieces in that particular collection. The one I liked the most was "The Rockstar" with myriad of beautiful and funky prints. Then there is a festive wear collection and I fell absolutely in love with a black and red piece from this one(pictures to follow). And the most exciting section? The Rohit Bal for Biba collection. The anarkalis are beautiful and the prints and embroidery so-very-Rohit. And so so affordable! The one I liked was a blue and cream anarkali which is also featured on the front cover of the catalog, it was priced somewhere near Rs.9000/-. That is very very affordable from Indian wear Price Range perspective if you ask me!

003 001 006 009

Do stop by the store and have a look at the Rohit Bal and the Festive Wear collection whenever you are in the mall. Trust me, you won't be disappointed and with the festive and wedding season approaching, you will want a couple of such pieces handy.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Talking Tuesday: Episode 5


Hello guys!! It seems like I haven't blogged in a realllllly long time! And it is truly so as I am always busy these days. The job is taking over my life but honestly, I don't mind as I love my job! My colleagues are super nice and my boss is the best! She is very sweet, friendly and chic and helps me out with all the beginner obstacles. But, in the midst of completely occupied 6 working days and the only Sunday where I pile up all my blog work, I have missed two Talking Tuesday posts and I genuinely apologise (Again! I know!). I still have the list of the requested posts (skincare, haircare, etc routine) and I will do them for sure. Now before I waste more of my precious few hours before I start feeling sleepy, let's begin!

1. Help me style a pair of white linen pants?
- Anonymous
White linen pants are best worn in Summers. Pair them with pastel hues for a soft summery vibe and and keep the accessories minimal. If you do wanna wear some bling, go for statement cuffs rather than necklaces or earrings. The linen pants have sort of comfy sporty feel to it, so choose your accessories accordingly. White on white look is also a good idea if you can pull it off. Pair the pants with a white linen soft blazer and wear a semi-sheer white tank underneath for a very summery but high-fashion look.

2. Hi, I'm only 5ft tall and chubby married woman. What kind of style should I follow to look good. I always fall in love with those sweet dresses floating on all the websites but they are only for petite girls.
I want to follow the style which I can carry without caring of my weight and height.
help me
- Viju
People with your kind of body type usually hide their figure in loose clothing, but if worn correctly, the fitted dresses can look just as good on you as on the models! Don't be afraid of trying out what you like, you might be surprised how good it looks on you! Showing off your neckline, forearms and a little leg looks classy and it would help you look longer and leaner. Opt for tapered trousers, soft georgette shirts in darker and smaller prints. One thing you should avoid is wearing big prints, they can emphasize wrong places very easily, go for busy and smaller prints for a slender look.

3. Plz suggest a good, long-staying foundation and a compact powder (along with shade name) to set it. I have T-zone problem and i'm a medium skin toned person.
- K
If you are looking for a medium to heavy coverage foundation, go for MAC ProLongwear Foundation along with MAC Blot Powder. The foundation will last you a really long time and is very cost effective as you need a very tiny amount to cover your whole face. The Blot Powder is a really amazing product from MAC and I have already gone through 2 of these. It soaks up all the oil on your face and keeps your face looking matte all day long. You will hardly need to reapply once or twice if you are in a humid weather conditions.

4. Plz suggest a hair fixing spray or serum after straightening my hair.
Recently i got the philips hp8310 hair straightener (i read ur post of hp8310 and just went for it).
But i couldn't leave my hair free after straightening..if i don't use a hair clutch.. within a few minutes it gets frizzy and the straightening effect fades away. Help me :(
- K
Use MorocconOil Serum or any anti-frizz serum like from John Frieda or Kerastase. If you live in too humid conditions, it's better to k=just avoid straightening all together coz no matter how good the straightener is, your hair WILL frizz up. So, it's better to spare your hair from all the heat and try some nice updo or heatless hairstyles.

5. Pls suggest a good primer and a setting spray ( i'm in oh-so-hot Chennai weather) and also suggest me a good oil-free moisturizer for face. Thank u!
- K
Few of the best primers are the Makeup Forever Primer and Smashbox Primer. For setting spray, I love the Urban Decay All Nighter but due to it's unavailability in India, try MAC's Fix+ Spray, have read a lot of good reviews about it.

6. Hi, I have curly and dry hair. Regular oil massages, hair spas, conditioning - I do everything! Yet I've been losing a lot of hair recently. What can I do about it? I love my curls and don't want to change the style.
- Ishita
So glad to hear that you love your natural curls. People generally crave for what they don't have. Don't be too alarmed about loosing a lot of hair, in this season everybody looses hair. I have been shedding a lot of hair as well, it worried me too but you can;t really do a lot about it. Just eat healthy, take lots of protein rich diet and pamper your hair, the phase will pass :)

7. Hi, I am a working girl and have recently put on a lot of weight. I think wearing Indian clothes somewhat camouflages the bulges. Can you suggest some Indian looks for an hourglass figure? I'm 5'4" and 59kgs. Thanks :)
- Ishita
Judging from your height and weight, I think you are in perfect figure! You don't really need to worry about it but if it helps you, you can wear kurti tops over denims or leggings. Casual cotton anarkali suits are also very much in trend and I have myself seen them in my office. The head designer at my office wears a lot of anarkali suits which are very casual but looks very elegant and chic. Skip the dupatta.

8. I love lipsticks and have about 20+ bright lippies which look really good on me. I somehow feel that a nude or no color makes me look very dull inspite of a heavy eye. What would you suggest for a toned down lip. Also, I don't like the feel of glossy lips - I love rich color and matte most of the times.
Thanks Srish! :)
- Ishita
For nude lips, try a lip color which has hints of peach or pink in it. I am listing down few very good options for you, try them out whenever you are in the mall, and see which one suits you the best!
- Rouge Dior Nude "418 Ingenue" by Dior [My personal favorite lippie to pair with smokey eye look]
- Mac Cosmo
- Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in "My Mahogany"
- Lakme Lip Love Lip Color in "Love Haze"
- Colorbar Lipstick in "Bare"

9. Hey!! My question is very typical for me but I never got a good solution to my problem! But I'm sure you will answer it! I'm Sikh by religion and can't get a haircut, because of that my ends are very light ,colourless , rough and split ends ! How to maintain all this without cutting??? Thanks
- Harjas kaur
I can understand your problem but split ends is something that cannot be repaired. However, you can go for deep nourishing treatments and use a mixture of yogurt and honey on the ends. Apply the mixture on the ends and keep it for 15-20 minutes, rinse with cold water so that it seals in the moisture. Another hairmask you can try is a mixture of mayo and avocado. Here’s what you do: take a full jar of full fat mayonnaise and one half of one very mashed up avocado. Mix well and apply to your hair.After 20 minutes rinse your hair in cold water.

10. I bought a black leather blazer a few months back and I'm having a hard time styling it. Its different from the average fabric blazers. Please help.

- Shivika
A black leather blazer is something I consider Wardrobe Essential Piece! it is actually rather easy to style. You can refer to the links below for styling ideas:
- http://www.stylefashionetc.in/2013/02/comfort-shoes.html
or you could just style it the way you would style a regular blazer to toughen up the look.

Hope I helped some of you guys out. Write to us HERE!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Transitioning into Fall: Outfit 2 [Black Sheer Panel Maxi skirt with Printed Military Grey Shirt]

006a 022 026 005a 032
{Shirt - Mango, Skirt - Koovs, Belt - Promod, Shoes - Steve Madden, Bag - Accessorize, Accessories - Forever 21}

The days are hectic than ever and while I try to jam writing blog during office's coffee break, I wonder how these changes are going to affect this space. I have got questions from PRs and a couple of readers that will I still blog? The answer is yes! Of course! Since, I was in the middle of moving, I had to skip Talking Tuesdays last couple of weeks but this blog and you readers have given me an identity that I am always grateful for... so rest assured, the blog will go on.

I have moved to my new place, big thanks to mom for handling everything with such finesse and not letting me worry for a single thing. I am still unpacking and settling down. The furniture has been bought, the AC has been ordered, the bed is arriving in a few hours and the fridge and drapes are due tomorrow. I guess I have everything covered and if all goes according to plan, you will soon be watching me talk on YouTube again!

This was all the recent update and now I gotta go. See you all very soon!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Talking Tuesday: Episode 4


1. Suggest one eyeshadow base that is easily available in Delhi. Heard of mac painterly paint pots, maybelline color tattoos.
- Akansha
I use Urban Decay Primer Potion and it is one of the best primers out there. But, it's not available in India so the second best is easily MAC paint pot in "Painterly". It smooths out the skin tone and help your eyeshadows be more vibrant and long-lasting.

2. In reference to the link below
I have heard that razor should not be used as the hair becomes hard. Please tell me if its okay to use it for underarms etc
- Akansha
It is not okay to use razor for your underarms as the skin is very sensitive and it can become darkened with prolonged use of razor. However, I sometimes use razor on my legs but it's only for emergencies. When I wrote that post, I was travelling out of country and even when I got waxing done before leaving, it can grow back a little in 2 weeks, hence I carried my trusted razor.

3. Hey i love your style.
I have fair skin but major problem are my ask circles. Don't know why they are there but I get so irritated. Please tell a remedy and also a great concealer.can any BB cream camouflage it?
- kaveri
A BB cream won't be able to cover up your dark circles at all. You would need a heavy duty concealer for this purpose.
I would recommend these:
Free of Cost! - Drink lots of water, sleep for at least 6 hours a day and eat cucumber or use slices of it on your eyes once a week.
Inexpensive - Krylon Concealer
Affordable - MAC Concelaer
Expensive - Bobbi Brown Corrector & Concealer Duo

4. Trying not to spam. But have too many questions.
Which cleanser/makeup remover is better ? cream based or oil-water based ? suggest one. M using bioderma sensibio as face wash and makeup remover suggested by dermatologist.
- Akansha
You are not spamming anyone, dear. Talking Tuesday is here to serve a purpose and you can ask us any query and however number of times you feel like! :)
The best and the most inexpensive makeup remover is J&J Baby Wipes. Trust me, I go through packs and packs of these and it never breaks me out. Still, if you want to use a proper makeup remover, it depends on your skin type. If you have very oily skin, avoid an oil based remover. And always use an alcohol free makeup remover, it can really dry out your skin.

5. I have very frizzy hair. Tried john frieda, mythic oil but did no good. Now, I'm using moroccan oil and its hair mask. Will start using its shampoo soon. I can see the difference but it's still not satisfactory. For past one year, I'm confused whether or not go for these smoothening keratin stuff. Please help.
- Anonymous
MoroccanOil products are not the usual types which will drastically change your hair and give very short-lived results. But what's special about MoroccanOil products is that it has long-term effects. It will repair your hair from within and your hair will get healthier and shinier with constant use. At least, that was my experience. As far as Keratin Smoothening is concerned, go for it if you really want/need it! Everything has it's side-effects, make sure you know both sides of the treatment before getting it done.

6. Suggest some good brands which have comfortable footwear. Not above 2 inches heel. Also, preferably within 1k.
- Akansha
If you are looking for a good brand with comfortable shoes, I would suggest you should invest a little. I have learned this the hard way, with thousands of money down the drain and no comfortable shoes, I started investing in them and I have a decent quality collection now. They are the base of your personality, if you are not comfortable, it will reflect in your confidence.
Having said all that, you can still check out Shopper Stop, Lifestyle, Forever 21, but make sure you try them out nicely and see if you are comfortable or not. Good Luck!

7. Forever new had one white makeup/accessories box. Not a good collection like u said. I visited their store at Ambience mall, Gurgaon. Any other place that u can suggest?
- Akansha
I already addressed this query of yours in my last post's introduction paragraph [HERE] :)
And I would like to add to that, Forever 21 has some really cute makeup pouches!

8. You suggested Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation for makeup base or foundation? I already am using MAC studio fluid foundation.
- Akansha
Well, if you already have MAC's foundation and it's serving the purpose, I don't see why you need to buy a new one. Studio Fluid Foundation is supposed to be quite good.

9. How frequently should one get haircut? With frizzy and long hair, ponytails look more like a horsetail to me now. What hairstyles will suit my hair type other than braids?
- Akansha
You can get a haircut whenever you feel like your hair is getting limp and lifeless. Also, keep checking for split-ends, the moment you spot them, you know it's time to get a cut! I usually get a haircut every six months. Try a top knot bun, it's very trendy, looks good on almost everyone and it's super easy too.

10. I have always wanted to work with you. I really do. It is my dream. What are my chances? :)
- Ahem
Aww..That's really sweet of you, dear. But, I am not taking interns. The blog is a hobby that I enjoy doing with a little help from Mr.A but that's about it. I really wish I could help you out but I am sorry! But I will still strongly recommend you to start your blog and put your creativity out there. I am sure you will do very good!

Hope this Episode helped you guys out! I am really liking that I get a chance to interact with you all :)
Click HERE to submit your queries for the next episode!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Transitioning into Fall: Outfit 1 [Green Semi-sheer Maxi dress with Structured blazer]

041 077 042 082
{Maxi Dress/Belt - c/o Persunmall, Blazer - Zara, Necklace/Midi Rings - Forever 21, Knuckle Ring - H&M, Leather Cuff - Stradivarius, Clutch - Accessorize, Shoes - Steve Madden}

This "Transitioning into Fall" series which begins from today is sort of going to keep record of how slowly and subtly my Summer outfits start to transition into Fall outfits. It begins with slight change in the color palette, hem lengths and sleeve lengths till there's a knitwear pullover involved.

This beautiful maxi dress from Persunmall.com looks gorgeous on it's own but it's being sleeveless does not bode well with the weather. It's been raining on and off lately, much better than the past few weeks though when the downpour just wouldn't stop. The weather is slightly humid and sometimes chilly and adding a light blazer provides some protection. The gorgeous color of the dress goes with the trend and along with black, it creates a very Fall inspired look, but since we are not yet there, a neon clutch was in order. The outfit is easy, breezy and simple yet quite impactful due to the blazer and it's prominent structured shoulders.

I have been putting my hair up a lot lately as it's very humid and the use of hair dryer and straightening iron does not give long lasting results. My hair has always been frizzy and difficult to handle but when treated with care, it can look good. Sometimes, I will blast my hair with an ionic protection hairdryer but I am trying to keep my distance with the iron. You should try it too if your hair is difficult to manage. Just put it up in a messy bun or any kind of updo and just be done with it. No need to bother about the hair all day, no need to brush, comb and fix it again and again...Will save you lots of powder room visits, I promise!