Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Outfit Inspiration: Military Green & Leopard Print

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{Jeans - Zara, Pullover/Trench - Vintage, Necklace - Gifted, Shoes - U.S., Knuckle Ring - H&M, Orange Ring - Forever 21}

This post is from archives, the photoshoot was done last month most probably. I wore the vintage trench and my military green jeans and probably one of my favorite shoes. I don't get to wear them much as they don't go with most of the outfits. But, whenever I wear them, I fall in love with them all over again, not only 'coz they are like super duper comfy shoes but also they look so cool! I feel like my feet actually look like paws. Rawr!

By the way, have you seen my latest video on hair makeover? It contains a lot of tips and tricks from the Creative Style Director of Lakme Absolute Salon and plus, I put in a lot of effort to make the video, so please show your support and if nothing, just watch once! And if you like it, maybe Like or Comment or Subscribe to my YouTube channel! That would mean so much...xoxo

Bring Big CBS Love to Tata Sky!!

Ok, this is not a fashion topic, or may be it is...but recently on a weekend visit to a friend'a place, I got hooked on a couple of shows. I have always been a fan of TV series. I watch a lot of them, a little too much actually. Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, Pretty Little liars, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Dexter, the list could just go on....

Big CBS Love is showing these amazing shows like 90210(must see if you are big on fashion and friends or Gossip Girl for that matter), Sex and the City(Ok, who doesn't LOVE Carrie?!) and the Season 12 of American Idol. 

I love Naomi and Silver's fashion sense, they wear the most fun & trendiest outfits. This show is a really good watch and as childish as I may sound but I love such kind of High School/College based shows.

SATC. Need I say more, eh?

I have not been a big fan of reality shows since the Big Boss Season 2 came back on TV but this show is full of iconic moments when you are just in awe! 

I have Tata Sky at my home and sadly they don't have Big CBS Love(What!). I hope they bring this channel soon, 'coz I really wanna watch more of these amazing shows.

Do you guys watch any of these shows? Or do you know of any new show that I could watch? Oh God! I am such a geek! Lol! :P

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[Video] Let's get a Hair Makeover!

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2013 is here and we all survived the dreaded 2012 massacre, so how about we improve ourselves in any way possible and be more confident and radiant self. Hairstyle plays a vital role in the overall look of a person, so to switch up your look what could be better than getting a hair makeover!

Lakme Absolute Salon is a premium range of Lakme Salons and the stylists are amazing. The Creative Style Director/Expert Stylist Mr.Vineet Bediyar gave me the makeover which was a long 4 hour process but I enjoyed it none-the-less! It consisted of Hair Consultation, Color, Cut & Style. And I love the results!!

[It was a challenge in itself to show a 4 hour process in a span of mere 4 minutes but as it turns out, editing rigorously for straight 12 hours can do that!]

Watch the video below to see how I get the deep burgundy voluminous curls from the boring black frizzy hair!

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review: Garnier All-in-one Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream

I have been waiting to try out this product since past one month when it was launched in India but I couldn't find it anywhere and so when last week I finally found it, I tried it instantly & wanted to write a short review to let you guys know about this product.


BB Creams are becoming quite popular these days as it reduces various steps to one single step in the mornings. It moisturizes, conceals, provides a healthy glow, lightens and protects the skin from UV rays. You can skip your moisturizer, sunscreen, concealer and foundation and just apply a BB Cream and it would work the same. The Korean BB Creams are also supposed to heal the skin of any imperfections but I wouldn't expect the Garnier one to do that.

The Daily Mail called the BB Creams "the Swiss Army Knife of the beauty industry". I couldn't agree more! When you are on a time crunch, these can save at least 5-8 minutes of your beauty regime which is a lot!

Now, does Garnier's All-in-one Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream stand upto it's claims?


After trying out the product for one whole day, the final verdict is:
- It does sort of live up to it's claims.
- It brightens, moisturizes and evens out the skin-tone.
- It stays put for 5-6 hours without budging.
- It's not greasy. It might get greasy only if you apply moisturizer before the BB Cream. Use it as it is...cleanse, tone and the BB Cream, it's moisturizing enough on it's own.
- Provides a semi-matte finish.
- Super Affordable! [Rs.99 for 18gm & Rs.199 for 40gm]
- Easy to apply. You just need to blend it in with your fingers.

I feel it's an excellent substitute for the legendary Pond's Tinted Moisturizer. The price is amazing and so is the quality.

However, it might not be the best product for dry skin. So, if you have dry skin, I would suggest moisturizing your skin first and then applying the BB Cream. And this product is truly a dream come true for people with oily skin. 

I will be using this for regular college days only when I really just need to get going without wasting any time on makeup and hair. It would save a lot of time!

Rating: A-

Recommendation: Worth the price and really helps when you are in a hurry. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cosmopolitan Feature: Clashing Neons!

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The New Year has officially marked new beginnings and what else could be better than being featured in Cosmopolitan, one of the hottest fashion magazines ever! It's my third feature in Cosmo, and I am more thrilled than ever as this time around its not just my head popping out along with an article but also a head-to-toe shot, more like a full page feature....well, almost! :P

When I was offered this challenge, I was really nervous. I just couldn't picture myself in a color-clashed all neon outfit looking like a freak in my Holy Grail magazine! But the shoot turned out pretty well and I absolutely loved the outfit. It looked so vibrant, cheerful and sexy even with so many colors going on. When I styled this look, I instantly fell in love with it and now, I can't wait for spring to come back so that I can wear such bold & cheerful colors again! 

The lesson learnt: You can pull off almost any outfit if you have the confidence to match!