Sunday, February 10, 2013

Absolut Infusion 2013

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There is something immensely playful about a bespoke ABSOLUT LIQUID LAB open to experimentation and creativity. And if there’s one thing we've learnt and caught on decade after decade, it’s that ABSOLUT with its imaginative and creative collaborations always creates exceptional experiences! This experience was designed by UnBox with master mixologist Arijit Bose. 

An Intimate Lab style setting with over a 150 ingredients and the uniqueness of Absolut came together to form the Absolut Unique Infusion Installation and bar at PCO, the secret hidden restaurant which you can enter only if you know an unique code which you are supposed to dial at the PCO (a wall opens up to reveal the whole place!). The idea of a secret restaurant and bar with exclusive access mixed with the experience of creating our own exclusive infusion pushed us over the edge and we attended the event. The event was truly one of a kind! We made our own little infusion and had a ball while doing it! The exotic fruits and herbs, were so much fun to mix. 
What an absolut delightful night!

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