Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kingdom of Dreams: Special Preview of "The Legend of Kung Fu"

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Kingdom of Dreams invited us for a Special Preview of a show from the people of China called "The Legend of Kung Fu". We had never visited KOD and when we drove in, we were pretty surprised by how grand and beautiful it looked. Little did we knew that we were in for a even more grand and adventurous ride for the next few hours!

We attended the preview which left us spell-bounded. The sumptuous and impeccably rehearsed moves of the troupe, the terrifying jumps, the head flips, the beautiful melody, the stunning dance steps, the flying couple, the story of a brave hero, everything took us to experience a whole new world! The world of bravery, the world of loyalty, the world of Chun Yi. Saying that it was grand would probably be an understatement. While Aman had a déjà vu of the trip he took to Singapore a couple of years back, I was stunned to see the neat tricks performed live by the star of the show. Later, in the press conference, the star of the show revealed that he was able to do all those terrifying stunts due to his mastery of martial arts which he has been practicing for 12 years. The show had a larger-than-life feel with hair-raising stunts! Do visit KOD to catch this show, it will be playing till the mid of this week and you can book the tickets on or We were given the best sofa seats which made the whole experience so much better but trust me, even the cheapest seats have amazing view, so just go for it!

While we were there, we took the opportunity to click a gazillion pictures and since we can't share all, we are sharing a few. We will be posting many more pictures from this same day on our Facebook Page so to check out those pictures, please click HERE!