Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Striped Pants

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{Pants/ Leather Cuff - Zara, Shirt - thrifted, T-shirt/ Spikes Bracelet/ Ring - Forever 21, Necklace - Youshine, Bag - Accessorize, Shoes - Asos}

The rage that these pants have become is not even funny. Well, maybe a little in the ha-ha-funny way as my sister likes to call them my jail pants. But ironically, it's the jail pants only that are omnipresent these days. You will see them in the mall, on the streets, in the stores, on instagram, everywhere! They have broken free and roaming all around the city! Correction: Globe!

I love these pants basically for 3 reasons:
1. The monochrome stripes are the trend of the season and these pants are as good as it gets! Just pair them with a black or white shirt and you have a perfect monochrome outfit.
2. They can not only be paired with blacks or certain colors but they can be paired with any color! They complement brights just as well they complement pastels. And looks super trendy ;)
3. Being vertical stripes, they give an illusion of slimmer and longer legs which let's face it, is every girl's dream.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The story behind my Floral Shorts!

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{Shorts/ Shoes/ Bag - H&M, Tank Top - Mango, Shirt - Asos, Necklace/ Cuff - Stradivarius, Ring - Forever New}

The weather is heating up and it's high time to whip out all those shorts and flaunt them in all their glory. They are easy to style and super comfortable at this (Global Boiling) point. These shorts are one of my absolute favourites and occupies a special place in my heart. I got them from H&M on the trip I took to Milan last year.
There's a little story behind the whole thing. See, H&M is big in Milan the same way Zara is in India. You can find at least 10 H&M stores in the city. I got these same shorts in a different print from the H&M I visited regularly during my two weeks stay there. The next day after I purchased the other shorts, I was walking down chatting and laughing with my friends when suddenly a cute petite girl walks by in the same shorts I had purchased earlier but in a much fun and prettier floral print! I immediately want it! What do I do? I start stopping by every H&M in the city and look for that one floral print shorts, two days after I wore my pretty new floral print shorts [Click HERE to see] to classes and was a happy little girl :D

Moral of the story: Always go after what you really love and never settle for anything less!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ombre Denim Shirt, Aztec Print and some exciting news for the readers!!

{T-shirt/Denim Shirt/Cuff/Spikes Ring - Forever 21, Skirt - Zara, Spikes Necklace/ Ring - H&M, Coral Necklace - Stradivarius, Shoes - U.S, Clutch - Kunst}

I am obsessed with this ombre denim shirt. Denim seems to be back in trend this Summer. Denim shirts in various kind of washes, textures and colors are available in stores like Forever 21, Zara, etc and seems to be flying off the racks! Although I owned a basic denim shirt, I needed an update. This ombre shirt adds the perfect amount of interest in any outfit. I have been wearing it non-stop and plan to do so throughout this season. It's very light and soft on the skin and the long sleeves do not bother me in the sun either. That makes for a classic staple piece in my wardrobe!

The aztec print skirt was something I had been coveting for months but never found the perfect piece. This one with it's minty goodness won my heart over in a blink of an eye. I added the coral tassel necklace to compliment the hints of coral in the skirt. And since the outfit already had prints and textures, I kept the t-shirt and shoes basic. You can also see it the other way around, "How to dress up a basic t-shirt"...

And now for the apple of everyone's eye and the center of attraction, the clutch. I posted a photo on my Instagram account of this clutch a couple of times and everyone has been loving it and asking questions as in where I got it from. Well, the clutch is from a lovely brand called "Kunst" and since you all love it so much, the brand is offering a 20% discount exclusively for Style Fashion Etc readers! You can visit their Facebook Page HERE and select anything you want to buy from their FB Store (There are some really pretty and quirky pieces!) and when you email them about your order at, mention this code: KSFE20. Hope this helps at least some of you! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

French Connection SS13 Collection Review

Visiting FCUK store at Select Citywalk was a mixed experience for us. You will get to know why by the end of this post. 

The new collection at the store was a myriad of prints and colors. An array of prints, stripes, floral, abstract, tropical, fusion, all caught us by surprise. There was so much to play with! The prints were all calling out to us and hence we decided to take on the hot trend of Mixing Prints and create a couple of outfits that would be unique yet wearable in the daily life.

Outfit No.1


These pants were one of the loudest pieces in the store and while they are one sweet find, styling them could be a little tricky especially if you are taking on the trend of mixing prints. I paired these abstract yet slightly tribal printed pants with a subtle floral print top. The print on the top has pastel colors and does have a slight abstract feel to it. Hence, it goes perfectly with the pants complimenting and toning down it's loud colors at the same time. It's a perfect outfit for a lunch date with your girlfriends, it's comfortable, easy and yet very chic.

Outfit No.2

Okay, it's no secret that I am a big fan of stripes. In my last 10 posts, I am probably wearing stripes in 5 of them, maybe more. So, when I spotted this pretty dress with stripes all over it, I immediately wanted to use it for an outfit. And we have all heard about pairing stripes with block colors or floral prints but I wanted an stripe overdose and hence, I paired the dress with a very summery jute bag with blue stripes. To finish off, I added the tan belt to define my waist and break the monotony of too many stripes. This outfit would be perfect for a picnic or a barbecue party or a mall visit. 

There was so much good stuff in the store and I wanted to style more outfits but we left due to the very unfriendly behavior of the manager and staffs at the store. That did sour the whole experience but I won't lie, the collection was amazing. Do visit the FCUK stores (I would suggest the DLF Promenade and Ambience stores, it has the most helpful staff) and check out the collection, it would be worth it I promise :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Calvin Klein Jeans SS13 Collection Review

The New Spring Summer 2013 Collection at the Calvin Klein Store has a fresh summer color palette. The colors range from cool blues, tangy corals to soothing and pure whites. Now, without boring you all with all the technical terms and descriptions about the collection [which none of you are interested in  either ways :P], let me introduce you to the best and my favorite pieces from the collection.

To be very honest, for girls, there is not much to select from. The womenswear collection hardly takes up 1/4th of the whole store. But, that is good news for men! The collection for men is huge! And if any of you girls wanna buy your dad or your sweetheart a present, CKJ is the place you go to, trust me I know how difficult it is to shop for men. Earlier this week, I was trying to find a gift for my mom and dad for their anniversary and while there were a 100 ideas rushing in my mind for gift ideas for mom, there was hardly 2-3 ideas for dad. Had I visited CKJ before buying gifts for them, I would have definitely picked something from there. 

Anyways, coming back to the womenswear collection. The collection is limited but there are some really good pieces which I would advise not to miss; like the city printed white shorts..very very cute! The picture of those shorts didn't come out well (but then all of the pictures didn't come out that well either...the store lightening sucked for our camera) but be sure to check them out if you visit the store. 

I styled a couple of outfits using few of my favorite pieces from the new collection!

Outfit No.1


These ankle length white pants fits like a boss! I have never been confident enough to wear white pants coz one, they are high maintenance and two, they make you look fat. But, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on this pair on Aman's suggestion. They actually make you look taller and leaner. And that silver color running down the side seams adds that extra something. I like the simplicity of this outfit, it looks chic yet comfortable. You can wear this outfit if you are going shopping, or to grab a bite with friends, or golfing with your man, or just roaming around the city. 

{T-shirt/ Pants/ Bag - CKJ, Shoes - U.S, Cuff - Forever 21}

Outfit No.2


This outfit I loved! The gold pants are a must-have for every party girl! And the top has a feminine and soft silhouette and is quite versatile to style. The whole outfit looks glam and sexy but in a easy breezy way. You can wear this outfit to house parties, dinner, shopping, etc. 

{Top/ Gold Jeans - CKJ, Shoes - U.S, Cuff/ Rings - Forever 21, Necklace - Stradivarius, Clutch - Kunst}

Overall, the collection is good and few pieces are outstanding. My favorite pieces are the pants from the collection, they all are excellent. I guess, Calvin Klein Jeans is the name of the brand coz they really do pay attention to their jeans ;)