Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Talking Tuesday: Episode 1


First of all, I want to thank all of you lovely girls out there for such an amazing response!! It's really overwhelming to see so many queries pouring in! When me and A first came up with this idea, we brainstormed for hours deciding the name, designing the logo (The 8th logo was finalized!), creating the Query Page, etc etc. To be honest, I was a little nervous, what if there are very few queries, what if the plan fails, what if! But, you all have been extremely sweet asking questions, sending compliments and believing in me. I feel very blessed to have an opportunity to help even a few of you! 

Okay, so enough of that! Let's jump right into the Q's & A's part coz there's a LOT to cover up in one single post!!

1. According to you what are the three must haves when it comes to makeup? I mean foundation,concealer,mascara,lipstick etc. If you had to pick three what would it be?
- Ayesha
I believe that a good base is what makes the makeup look like a million dollar. If you ignore that and do your eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, etc, then it would just look wrong! Even for the people with amazing skin, a little BB cream or tinted moisturizer would even out the skin tone and make the whole makeup look amazing.
So, I would say, Foundation, Concealer and Eyebrow Powder are the three most important products in general. Properly shaped and filled brows can make you look pulled together in seconds. 
Personally, if I had to choose, I would pick Foundation, Concealer and a Tinted Lip Balm. My eyebrows are naturally thick so I can get away without filling them in. However, my lips are very pale and I like to keep them moisturized 24*7 so a tinted lip balm is a must for me!

2. Hey Srish, how do you prevent getting tanned in the Delhi sun?! I am moving to Delhi for college, I'm moving from a cold country where it is hardly ever sunny, and therefore I would love to know how u stay fair in delhi!! :/
- Sneha
To be quite honest, I do not pay much attention to tanning problems because I do not like to spend time under the sun, except when we shoot for blog. That eliminates the possibility of getting tanned to a great extent. I have also developed the habit of using sunscreen if I am going out anytime before 6pm in the evening(Neutrogena has one of the best affordable sunscreens you can ever find).I also keep one tube in my bag so that I can re-apply on my hands and arms whenever I need to. I also have this habit of scrubbing my whole body every time I take a shower, it takes off the dead and damaged skin and always keeps the skin glowing and fresh. Try the Scrubbing gloves from The Body Shop with any good shower gel. Hope this helps you in some way. And Welcome to India by the way!

3. How do I style a pair of Tropical Print Shorts??????...
- Anonymous
I have styled a couple of outfits around a pair of Tropical print shorts. Have a look HERE and HERE! You can also style it the way I have styled my Cow print shorts HERE. Hope this helps :)

4. Can you do a post on your everyday hair routine?
- Josie
You got it! I will publish the post by next Tuesday. Keep a lookout for the same!

5. What is the best way to handle frizzy hair? Which products are the BEST ? Suggest shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, oil/serum, hair styles , etc.
- Akansha
As answered in the question above, I will give you all the information in a separate post completely dedicated to Hair and all your queries will be answered there! Check back by next Tuesday!

6. Which cleanser, toner and moisturiser would you suggest for oily acne prone skin?I also have scars and open pores.
- Fiona
I would suggest a mild cleanser like Kiehls's Ultra Facial Cleanser. It is very gentle and would not irritate or dry out the skin. For Toner, try Neutrogena's Oil Free Toner or Clean&Clear's Deep Cleaning Astringent. Lush's Enzymion is a very good moisturizer for oily skin, and remember, no matter how oily your skin is, it is never advised to skip the moisturizer. Oil secretion means that skin is lacking moisture and hence producing more and more oil to keep it naturally moisturized. But if you provide the moisturization it needs, slowly the oil secretion would decrease. Try the spot treatment by Clean& Clear for your acne problems.

7. Can you do a skin care routine?
- Fiona
Sure! But, this week I have already promised for a Hair Care Post so how about you check back by 15th August, the Skincare post shall be published by then.

8. I want to Buy the Moroccan oil serum. Plz let me know from where I can buy it.
- Priyanka
You can find the Moroccanoil products in any high-end salons like Looks, Affinity, etc.

9. My makeup routine is limited to kajal, lip balm and occasionally, compact powder and BB cream. I'd like to know more about blushes, lipsticks and what basics are required to create a natural yet glowing look. A simple, beginner level yet complete tutorial on how to apply, in what order to apply etc. would be greatly appreciated!!
- Fab
Well, it's a lot to cover in a small paragraph! But nevermind, I will make sure to film a video tutorial explaining everything step by step and would publish it by the end of August. Please check back by then :)

10. I have a Mac primer...I bought it a few months back...but a month back I noticed that the primer spoiled in a way like milk curdles. (became watery and the solid part looked like curd)....and I took it to the store and the Mac guys were cool enough to replace it for me(I had barely used it) but I recently noticed that the primer seems as if its gonna spoil again( noticed a little water like something) ..I went to the mac store and they shook the tube well...and it was alright then...but I am afraid that it might spoil again...help!!!
- Anonymous
I understand your confusion as I have had the exact same problem with my Mac Primer. In the beginning, a little shake before use solved the problem but in later months, all I could squeeze out of the tube was oil. The tube would leak like a water tap! Do not invest in Mac Primers! Go for Benefit or Bobbi Brown.

11. Please tell me some nice hairdos? I am a college going student and I can't leave my hair open everyday. So suggest some nice pin-ups or stuff? Thank you :)
- Neelashi
One of the easiest hairstyles is a Sock Bun. To know how to do it, click HERE. I am also planning to start video tutorials soon as I get a lot of requests to do hairstyling videos. So, more tutorials will be published after 15th August. Stay Tuned!

12. Lipstick never stays on my lips. Please can you recommend some long-lasting lipsticks?
- Dolly Desoza
For long lasting lipsticks, I find the Maybelline 14 hour Stay Lipsticks are the best. They are a little drying though, so make sure you have scrubbed and moisturized your lips nicely before you apply.

13. Hey hi..Do u have any idea from where I can own a beanie cap..? And also summer jackets/blazer..
Thanx :))
- Shweta Shetty
You can buy a beanie from Forever 21 or Vero Moda but they will be available after October. For Summer Blazers/ Jackets, check out Zara, Forever 21 and Mango. They have sleeveless blazers with amazing fit and designs.

14. Hi, this is surbhi here, I have a favorite bag which was gifted by someone very special and now I have the bag but the handles are totally ruined. I am keeping it with me as I told that its special for me but I really wish to find a way through which I can get it revamped. If your gyaan can help me some way I will be flying high..believe me that it's really important for me.
- Surbhi Agarwal
There is a way! Just go to "Pressto" and ask them to fix your bag! It's as easy as that! :)
Pressto outlets are in many markets, few of them being Vasant Vihar Market, Khan Market, etc.Good Luck! Let me know how it goes.

15. I have to attend a reunion with my college friends and we are going to wear the same skirt that we bought together in final year ..how should I style it..please help ...I have just ten days time to plan everything.
- Surbhi Agarwal
The skirt looks very chic and it would look amazing when styled properly. The waistband and the pocket openings are not very flattering so I would suggest concealing that somehow. Iron out the skirt first of all(obviously! :P). 
The yellow embroidery is beautiful and while styling we should keep in mind to use the flouncy shape of the skirt and to show off the yellow embroidery. Wear the skirt high on your waist till the hem hits a couple of inches above your knees. Now, time to hide the waistband and the pocket openings! Pair the skirt with a soft cream georgette shirt(Fold up the sleeves casually and do not tuck the shirt in!) or a peplum top. Add a thin belt in a neutral brown shade at the thinnest part of your waist. Throw on some statement necklace and chic heels and you will be the talk of the reunion! Take inspiration from this picture HERE. Do not forget to send us a picture after you have styled it! Have fun!

16. Hey, Just wanted you to know firstly i love your style its amazing to see how you create different looks each time and those glasses definitely works for you!!! 

Well I m personally quite into fashion myself and I have been following blogs, reading mags alot I just wnted to know do you guys have interns or maybe is there is a vacancy for asst stylist?? I have been dying to start up something myself and honestly can't imagine anything rather than being a fashion stylist!!! Thanks n Have a great day.
- Ankita B Banerjee
I am sorry dear but we do not take interns or asst.stylists. This blog is a hobby of mine and Aman, not a full time job. But why don't you start your own blog! You can document your work and see yourself grow as a stylist.

17. I am 20 years old with a height of 5'1... recently, I was gifted two palazzo pants by my friends- one is in light shade of green and -the other is blue with white polka dots.. I really want to wear them for my day outs but, am not quite sure as I am short and palazzo pants might end up making me look more shorter.... I also tried teaming with tank tops, but it doesn't work out well...coz I am on the heavier side(with fuller arms)...Please help me out.. on how to style the palazzos because i can't discard them as they have been gifted by my very close friends... :)

- Riri
Height has nothing to do with what you can and cannot wear. If you want to wear those palazzos, you can do so easily. Get the hem altered if you need to and wear them with sky high heels. It will actually make you legs look lean and longer. You can pair your palazzo pants with short sleeved T-shirts to hide your arms. Take inspiration from the picture HERE.

18. Building my makeup kit. Which is the best brand of lipsticks out of MAC, loreal, revlon, chambor?

- Akansha
You should look through different brands for different products. While Mac is good with their lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows and concealers, Bobbi Brown is excellent at base makeup. I do not use L'oreal, Revlon and Chambor a lot so cannot really comment on those except that Revlon Lipsticks are good and Chambor Eyeliners are long lasting. Hope this helped :)

You can drop your queries HERE for the next week's Talking Tuesday!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Animalistic Character: The Latest Trend around the block!

The ever so famous animal print trend seems to be dying out as neons are taking over it's place. But, the love for animals won't die just as easily in the fashion world it seems. Not that I am complaining! On the contrary, I am on hunt for pieces with all kinds of animals on them! All I have got my hands on are jewellery with bull's and lion's head but it's just a matter of time when all the high street stores starts stocking up on these trendy clothing pieces.

The print is gone but the head prevails. These sometimes cute, sometimes terrifying faces are seen in various fashion shows and on various celebs as well as bloggers all over the world!



You can find clothing pieces like such in stores like Forever 21, Asos.comPersunmall.com, etc. Accessories like bags, caps, jewellery, shoes etc with animal heads on them are doing rounds in almost all the blogs these days. Get you hands on these super trendy pieces soon!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Talking Tuesday!

Hey guys! We are starting a new series from today called Talking Tuesday! 

We always receive numerous emails asking about fashion, makeup and hair advice, sometimes on Facebook and Instagram also. We try to reply to as many of you as possible and while that suggestion helps you, it can also help others! So we thought, why not answer all your queries at one platform where it is visible to everyone else as well and maybe they can also benefit from the same!

So, from today onwards, you can all submit your queries to us on the following Google Form:

All you have to do is to click on the link above, write your name, select the categories for your query and ask anything you want! You can do this anonymously also if you don't feel comfortable with everyone knowing your query. 

We will answer the queries every Tuesday here on Talking Tuesday Series. We promise, we will be punctual this time and will try to answer everyone. But, please try and submit your queries in the form only and not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It will get difficult for us to compile every question from every platform and your question may get left out which we don't want to happen. We will still try to compile everything together but we will prefer if you fill the form instead! 

Talking Tuesday1

We are so very excited to start this series and interact with all of you and get to know each other a little better! We hope you all are excited too!! :D 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

How I dress in Monsoon!

It's been raining a lot these days and if you know me well, I hate monsoon. I would usually just be cooped up in my bed and watch True Blood all day and well, that's what I have been doing. Hot drinks, good books and awesome TV Series...that's all it takes for me to be calm in this stormy weather. But, sometimes when I do need to step out, I make sure that I am well prepared for the rain.

Apart from carrying my cute little umbrella in my bag all the time, I try avoiding wearing maxi skirts or dresses or even full length pants. Living alone in a city where you have to take care of all your clothes, why to risk mudding up the hem of my skirts or jeans when I can get away with shorts just as easily! These DIY shorts (Check out how I made them HERE!) are one of my absolute favorites and they cheer up any simple outfit by adding the perfect amount of color. Keeping the top garment loose and easy to move in and some bright lipstick to brighten the gloomy day, there you have it...a perfect monsoon outfit! I do carry a flip-flops in the back of the car in case it starts raining. I ain't gonna let nothing happen to my shoes!(By the way, wearing suede is probably not the best idea in monsoon, but they are my favorite kind!)

Apart from your outfit, you do have to keep in mind a few other things like the hair and makeup. Try wearing minimal makeup on the face but if you want, you can wear a bright lipstick to jazz up the whole look, it's only befitting that you brighten a gloomy day with some color! Go easy on foundation and opt for a BB Cream which has a less chance of melting off your face in the humidity. Wear Waterproof liner and mascara, opt for cream blushes and wear long staying concealer if you absolutely have to. As far as the hair is concerned, no matter how nicely you curl or straighten them, they tend to go back to their original form due to the humidity. So, it's better to lay off the heat for this season and opt for heatless hair updos which will not only help you with the frizz but also keep the hair off the neck for which you will thank me later, trust me!

055a 001a 009a 002a
{Top/ Bag/ Leather Bracelet - Zara, Shorts - DIY, Necklace - Stradivarius, Spikes Ring & Bracelet - Forever 21, Shoes - U.S}

Hope, some of my advices and pointers will help you be fabulous this monsoon! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nupur Creatives: Handmade Personalized Gifts for your loved ones (Discount Coupons!)

I remember introducing my very creative sister to you all in one of my previous posts. Well, here's a whole post dedicated to her today as lately I have been very very impressed with her work and I wanted to have her creativity presented in front of as many people as possible. 

Nupur is one of the super talented budding artists from Mumbai who has a knack for everything creative. Be it handmade cards, crafts, scrapbooks, cupcakes, painting, sketching, digital painting, just about anything...she is really really good!! Of Course, it's not possible for one person to take up every talent as a career so she had to choose something she was best at (I disagree though, she is best at everything I mentioned above!) and she very humbly chose crafts. What started off with handmade quilled cards, bookmarks, etc is now today "Nupur Creatives", a full fledged successful business of all things crafts. She has come up with several innovative ideas and made them all come to life with such an elegant beauty and finesse.

Few of my favorites from her collection has to be the interactive scrapbooks, photo-flipbooks, and the Explosion boxes. Currently, she is working on Explosion boxes for the occasion of Rakshabandhan, have a look below!

These explosion boxes feature 4 lacey pockets on all four inner walls of the box and each of them holds the Rakshabandhan essentials along with a cute tag where you can write a personal message. The Red one retails for Rs.600/- and the purple one along with an extra gift box is for Rs.1200/-. They can be personalized also and the prices vary for all custom orders. You can customize anything to your liking: the color, texture, design, theme, message, etc. 

Now, she is collaborating with us to offer a generous discount of 20% on the first 20 orders. All you have to do is like her Facebook Page and use the coupon code "SFE20" while placing your order. You can also place order for any other items like scrapbook or photo-flip book which you feel will make a great gift for Rakshabandhan and if you are among the first 20 customers, you will get a discount of 20%! To view all of her collection and more detailed pictures of the goodies, you can checkout any of her social media platforms:

Hurry and place your order soon to get a discount of 20%!!