Thursday, July 11, 2013

How I dress in Monsoon!

It's been raining a lot these days and if you know me well, I hate monsoon. I would usually just be cooped up in my bed and watch True Blood all day and well, that's what I have been doing. Hot drinks, good books and awesome TV Series...that's all it takes for me to be calm in this stormy weather. But, sometimes when I do need to step out, I make sure that I am well prepared for the rain.

Apart from carrying my cute little umbrella in my bag all the time, I try avoiding wearing maxi skirts or dresses or even full length pants. Living alone in a city where you have to take care of all your clothes, why to risk mudding up the hem of my skirts or jeans when I can get away with shorts just as easily! These DIY shorts (Check out how I made them HERE!) are one of my absolute favorites and they cheer up any simple outfit by adding the perfect amount of color. Keeping the top garment loose and easy to move in and some bright lipstick to brighten the gloomy day, there you have it...a perfect monsoon outfit! I do carry a flip-flops in the back of the car in case it starts raining. I ain't gonna let nothing happen to my shoes!(By the way, wearing suede is probably not the best idea in monsoon, but they are my favorite kind!)

Apart from your outfit, you do have to keep in mind a few other things like the hair and makeup. Try wearing minimal makeup on the face but if you want, you can wear a bright lipstick to jazz up the whole look, it's only befitting that you brighten a gloomy day with some color! Go easy on foundation and opt for a BB Cream which has a less chance of melting off your face in the humidity. Wear Waterproof liner and mascara, opt for cream blushes and wear long staying concealer if you absolutely have to. As far as the hair is concerned, no matter how nicely you curl or straighten them, they tend to go back to their original form due to the humidity. So, it's better to lay off the heat for this season and opt for heatless hair updos which will not only help you with the frizz but also keep the hair off the neck for which you will thank me later, trust me!

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{Top/ Bag/ Leather Bracelet - Zara, Shorts - DIY, Necklace - Stradivarius, Spikes Ring & Bracelet - Forever 21, Shoes - U.S}

Hope, some of my advices and pointers will help you be fabulous this monsoon! 


Sayantani Saha said...

How do you get better by the day? Pretty! Love the outfit!

Jessica said...

These are great tips for rainy weather. It has been raining and storming here almost every day for weeks. So I am already following a lot of these tips. Like you I would rather curl up on my bed and watch tv. Lately I have been rewatching episodes of Smallville. The earlier seasons are my favorites.

Hopefully, we both will get better weather soon and hopefully it won't be so hot like it has been here.

Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Karishma said...

I love the updos that you do..!!

Kstylick said...

Love this blog! Thumbs up! maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC, Facebook?

Please leave me a comment on my blog and follow by blog!

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I will follow you back! :)

Style High Street- Style Blog India said...

Those are awesome shorts

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