Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Talking Tuesday: Episode 4


1. Suggest one eyeshadow base that is easily available in Delhi. Heard of mac painterly paint pots, maybelline color tattoos.
- Akansha
I use Urban Decay Primer Potion and it is one of the best primers out there. But, it's not available in India so the second best is easily MAC paint pot in "Painterly". It smooths out the skin tone and help your eyeshadows be more vibrant and long-lasting.

2. In reference to the link below
I have heard that razor should not be used as the hair becomes hard. Please tell me if its okay to use it for underarms etc
- Akansha
It is not okay to use razor for your underarms as the skin is very sensitive and it can become darkened with prolonged use of razor. However, I sometimes use razor on my legs but it's only for emergencies. When I wrote that post, I was travelling out of country and even when I got waxing done before leaving, it can grow back a little in 2 weeks, hence I carried my trusted razor.

3. Hey i love your style.
I have fair skin but major problem are my ask circles. Don't know why they are there but I get so irritated. Please tell a remedy and also a great concealer.can any BB cream camouflage it?
- kaveri
A BB cream won't be able to cover up your dark circles at all. You would need a heavy duty concealer for this purpose.
I would recommend these:
Free of Cost! - Drink lots of water, sleep for at least 6 hours a day and eat cucumber or use slices of it on your eyes once a week.
Inexpensive - Krylon Concealer
Affordable - MAC Concelaer
Expensive - Bobbi Brown Corrector & Concealer Duo

4. Trying not to spam. But have too many questions.
Which cleanser/makeup remover is better ? cream based or oil-water based ? suggest one. M using bioderma sensibio as face wash and makeup remover suggested by dermatologist.
- Akansha
You are not spamming anyone, dear. Talking Tuesday is here to serve a purpose and you can ask us any query and however number of times you feel like! :)
The best and the most inexpensive makeup remover is J&J Baby Wipes. Trust me, I go through packs and packs of these and it never breaks me out. Still, if you want to use a proper makeup remover, it depends on your skin type. If you have very oily skin, avoid an oil based remover. And always use an alcohol free makeup remover, it can really dry out your skin.

5. I have very frizzy hair. Tried john frieda, mythic oil but did no good. Now, I'm using moroccan oil and its hair mask. Will start using its shampoo soon. I can see the difference but it's still not satisfactory. For past one year, I'm confused whether or not go for these smoothening keratin stuff. Please help.
- Anonymous
MoroccanOil products are not the usual types which will drastically change your hair and give very short-lived results. But what's special about MoroccanOil products is that it has long-term effects. It will repair your hair from within and your hair will get healthier and shinier with constant use. At least, that was my experience. As far as Keratin Smoothening is concerned, go for it if you really want/need it! Everything has it's side-effects, make sure you know both sides of the treatment before getting it done.

6. Suggest some good brands which have comfortable footwear. Not above 2 inches heel. Also, preferably within 1k.
- Akansha
If you are looking for a good brand with comfortable shoes, I would suggest you should invest a little. I have learned this the hard way, with thousands of money down the drain and no comfortable shoes, I started investing in them and I have a decent quality collection now. They are the base of your personality, if you are not comfortable, it will reflect in your confidence.
Having said all that, you can still check out Shopper Stop, Lifestyle, Forever 21, but make sure you try them out nicely and see if you are comfortable or not. Good Luck!

7. Forever new had one white makeup/accessories box. Not a good collection like u said. I visited their store at Ambience mall, Gurgaon. Any other place that u can suggest?
- Akansha
I already addressed this query of yours in my last post's introduction paragraph [HERE] :)
And I would like to add to that, Forever 21 has some really cute makeup pouches!

8. You suggested Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation for makeup base or foundation? I already am using MAC studio fluid foundation.
- Akansha
Well, if you already have MAC's foundation and it's serving the purpose, I don't see why you need to buy a new one. Studio Fluid Foundation is supposed to be quite good.

9. How frequently should one get haircut? With frizzy and long hair, ponytails look more like a horsetail to me now. What hairstyles will suit my hair type other than braids?
- Akansha
You can get a haircut whenever you feel like your hair is getting limp and lifeless. Also, keep checking for split-ends, the moment you spot them, you know it's time to get a cut! I usually get a haircut every six months. Try a top knot bun, it's very trendy, looks good on almost everyone and it's super easy too.

10. I have always wanted to work with you. I really do. It is my dream. What are my chances? :)
- Ahem
Aww..That's really sweet of you, dear. But, I am not taking interns. The blog is a hobby that I enjoy doing with a little help from Mr.A but that's about it. I really wish I could help you out but I am sorry! But I will still strongly recommend you to start your blog and put your creativity out there. I am sure you will do very good!

Hope this Episode helped you guys out! I am really liking that I get a chance to interact with you all :)
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Transitioning into Fall: Outfit 1 [Green Semi-sheer Maxi dress with Structured blazer]

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{Maxi Dress/Belt - c/o Persunmall, Blazer - Zara, Necklace/Midi Rings - Forever 21, Knuckle Ring - H&M, Leather Cuff - Stradivarius, Clutch - Accessorize, Shoes - Steve Madden}

This "Transitioning into Fall" series which begins from today is sort of going to keep record of how slowly and subtly my Summer outfits start to transition into Fall outfits. It begins with slight change in the color palette, hem lengths and sleeve lengths till there's a knitwear pullover involved.

This beautiful maxi dress from Persunmall.com looks gorgeous on it's own but it's being sleeveless does not bode well with the weather. It's been raining on and off lately, much better than the past few weeks though when the downpour just wouldn't stop. The weather is slightly humid and sometimes chilly and adding a light blazer provides some protection. The gorgeous color of the dress goes with the trend and along with black, it creates a very Fall inspired look, but since we are not yet there, a neon clutch was in order. The outfit is easy, breezy and simple yet quite impactful due to the blazer and it's prominent structured shoulders.

I have been putting my hair up a lot lately as it's very humid and the use of hair dryer and straightening iron does not give long lasting results. My hair has always been frizzy and difficult to handle but when treated with care, it can look good. Sometimes, I will blast my hair with an ionic protection hairdryer but I am trying to keep my distance with the iron. You should try it too if your hair is difficult to manage. Just put it up in a messy bun or any kind of updo and just be done with it. No need to bother about the hair all day, no need to brush, comb and fix it again and again...Will save you lots of powder room visits, I promise!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

10 Wearable Fall/Winter 2013 Trends

We can certainly feel a slight nip in the air and I haven't felt the need to use Air Conditioning for past few days. Is Fall creeping in on us already?
No wait, the more appropriate question is, are we properly armed with the right clothes and accessories for the season no matter when it be-Fall-s us?

Worry not coz we have compiled 10 Fall 2013 Trends for you which are wearable and super easy to style! 

1. Shades of Green
Emerald being the Pantone color of the year, it is no shock that the hottest colors to wear this Fall/Winter are hues of our dear Emerald family. Olive Green, Military Green, Emerald and various other deep mysterious shades are going to be at play next few months. Wear them as accents and hints in your outfit or go bold with all over green, wear chunky heels in this hue or a statement necklace, you are one hundred percent guaranteed to be on trend and fabulous!

What did I hear you asking? What about Burgundy?
Oh Darling, that's so last season!

2. 50 Shades of Grey
No really, if there are in fact 50 shades of this evergreen color then they are all right on trend this Fall. They were spotted on the runway all over the world be it Paris, India, New York or Milan! Ranging from soft pastel greys to dark and daring almost blackish grey, this color is another hot trend to sport this season. The designers went back to the basics and I was kinda expecting this with monochrome being the biggest trend for Summer/Spring. It is hence proved, basics are basics and no fads like neons and pastels can replace them forever.

3. Classic Prints and Patterns
Tired of the same florals, abstract, digitized over-the-top prints? The designer have gone old school not only with the colors but also the print and patterns. Classic patterns like the Houndstooth, Plaid, Leopard, Pinstripes, etc were spotted on the runways and they will be big this Fall/Winter. So, instead of stocking up on those fancy schmancy prints, go for classics this season.

4. Statement Coats
While going through all the Fall/Winter '13 collection, the one piece that stood out the most was Statement Coat. In hues of Grey, Emerald, beige and bearing all classic patterns, they verified and reflected the previous three trends we talked about. These outerwear were in all shapes and volume imaginable and will take your outfit from simple to fab. Visit Zara and Mango if you willing to invest in a classic statement outerwear.

5. Texture Blocking
The famous Color Blocking trend from past few seasons takes an interesting turn with Textures. This season, it's not about blocking the colors so much as blocking different textures. Mixing leather with suede or sequins with fur, all sorts of different textures will be at play this season. Easiest way to sport the trend could be wearing a silk slouchy pants with knitted pullover and adding a leather jacket to toughen up the look.

6. Whites
This no-brainer and easy to assemble at any price trend is one of the trends that made the strongest impression during the Fall/Winter '13 shows. Winter whites are the most chic trend on the chart and you can easily sport it if you are not afraid of wearing whites. 

7. Candy Coated
While the neons and color blocking trends have bid adieu to the Fashion scenario, the pastels still holds it's ground tall and strong. Mostly spotted on outerwear, this trend comes in all hues of pretty, soft colors. Adding at least one piece of such a beauty just feels like the right thing to do!

8. Folk-Inspired
These folk-inspired pieces have a comfortable and classic feel to them. with slight modern spin, these hand worked motifs will be perfect addition to your closet this season and will add more character and interest to your outfit. You can easily spot such pieces over at Zara, Forever 21 and such other stores who retail high street fashion.

9. Beanies
Headgears are really big this fall. While beanies stood out as the star accessory, caps, cloche hats and baseball hats also made appearances throughout the shows. They give you complete head to toe look and not to mention they are practical, affordable and cute! 

10. Slouchy Pants
It's officially time to give rest to the loud-pattern cropped pants and slip into a pair of more comfortable and easy to style slouchy pants. The season's must-have pants are looser and far more subdued. High waisted and narrow at ankles is what you should be looking at while buying these pieces. Pair it with heels and clutch and you are as chic as they can get this Fall/Winter '13!!

All these trends are wearable and practical and you can easily style them. Stock up on these trendy pieces and look like a pretty picture of Fall 2013 yourself! Good Luck!

Stay Fabulous!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maxi-mized Obsession [Sunny Yellow Maxi Skirt and Chandelier Necklace]

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{Maxi Skirt/Necklace - c/o Choies.com, T-shirt - Zara, Shoes/Ring - H&M, Bracelet - Forever 21, Bag - Accessorize}

I am in love with maxi dresses. Not just a passing love, it's deep, passionate, irrevocable love. I always thought maxi skirts and dresses won't suit my body type but recently I tried a maxi skirt on and there's no looking back since then! I have stocked up on almost 9-10 pieces already and I am craving for more!

This beautiful bright yellow maxi skirt and the gorgeous chandelier necklace are from a website called Choies.com and I am really liking the quality of their products. The shipping was really quick too and absolutely no customs paid. Definitely worth checking out!

I kept this look fresh, simple and girlish to keep the charm of the skirt. I was so tempted to throw on a bright neon lipstick, trust me! But I refrained myself from doing that as I didn't wanted to tamper with the clean, fresh look. The laced shoe wedges are super comfortable and I actually ended up wearing them for over 7 hours in the mall, during the shoot, walking around, shopping, etc. They add a little trendy feel to the whole outfit without making it too glam for the daytime.

A casual side fishtail braid finished up the look perfectly. Always wear your hair beautifully, it takes the whole outfit to a new level. "Dress from the head down" as Mark Hampton (Brand Ambassador and Stylist for Toni & Guy) would say!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Talking Tuesday: Episode 3


Hello guys! I am so glad I managed to do this post today. I was afraid I might slip again and skip a Tuesday but I am trying to be strict to myself and post every Tuesday. I also want to apologize to you guys as few posts I had promised in the last two episodes of Talking Tuesday lika a Haircare post, Skincare post, few video tutorials, etc haven't gone up by the promised time. But I ensure you, they are on my To-Do list and I will do them.

A reader had asked in the previous episode about makeup kits, I had suggested Forever New but apparently, the sale has ended and so has their stock of cute makeup kits. So, I would suggest you visit Colobar and pick up their super cute makeup kits in different sizes and colors. I have one in yellow which I use as my Toiletry Kit when I travel, you can see how it looks here in the "Travel Chic: What I pack in my Toiletry Kit & a few tips" post. 

Now onto this week's queries!

1. I've big n broad feet. What kind of footwear should I go for? Please post pics with whatever types you're gonna suggest.
- Akansha
I feel you girl! I have the same problem, I too, am a big foot girl! So, basically you can check out all kinds of footwear I choose for my outfit posts and you can rock them all as well. Below are few more styles you can wear:

Try to opt for shoes with coverage around the broadest part of your feet so that you get proper support and the not so attractive part of your feet is hidden. You can also wear strappy shoes if you want, just keep in mind that the straps go around the broadest part of your feet and not the toes and coz that would be very very uncomfortable.

2. Losing some hair near forehead ends. Do u know any tried n tested solution?
- Akansha
Chances are you are not only losing the hair on your forehead but your hair as a whole is thinning, but you can only see the front part. Take good care of your hair. Give oil massages, deep conditioning treatments every week, and use good quality shampoo and conditioners.

3. How to wear a perfume ?
- Anonymous
For a perfume to last you a good few hours, you should wear them near your nerves. I have read that perfumes stay longer on you if you do so. Spray your wrists, insides of your elbow, nape of the neck, etc. It is also said that perfume rises up, so spray some on the insides of your knees. To finish off, spray a little cloud of the perfume and walk through it. I like to swirl rather than walk though! :P

4. I've acne prone skin. Never got bleach done. Does bleach increases hair density on face? Which bleach is good? And should I start with it
- Anonymous
I use Oxybleach and it's pretty good and easy to use and no, it does not increases the hair density on the face. But, since you have acne problems, I would suggest you consult a good dermatologist before bleaching coz even if I don't have acne problems and by God's grace my skin is pretty clear, I get red blotches after I bleach, which goes away in a few hours but still, if it has such an effect on me then you should really be careful.

5. What all a girl must carry in her handbag n wallet?
- Akansha
Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, ID Cards, Store Membership Cards (if any) and some change in the wallet. And in handbag: Hair Brush, Wallet, Sunglasses, Gum, Pen, Keys, Lip Balm, Blotting Powder/Tissues, Lipstick, Small Mirror, Nail Filer, Sanitary Napkins, Tampons, a small kit containing safety pins, hairpins, hair ties, etc., a small diary and an umbrella. Well, at least this is what I carry in my bag :)

6. Is it possible to alter waist of jeans?
- Anonymous
Well, technically it's possible but I would advice you against it. The altering would strip off the neat look at the waist and if you don't alter the legs of the jeans, it would look very unflattering. You would be better off with a new one, trust me!

7. I get under skin hair on legs leaving dark spots. What to do?
- Anonymous
Scrub scrub scrub! The skin that is prohibiting the new hair to grow is most probably dead skin, which will come off if you scrub lightly every time you take bath and will make way for the hair to grow out.

8. Some trends that I can buy this sale season?
- Anonymous
Lots of prints and patterns, whites, lace, square sequins, muscle tanks, crochet, fit and flare dresses(skater dresses), tailored shorts and cropped pants. The collarless jackets as well as the bomber jackets will also be big next Spring/Summer 2014.

9. How to store makeup brushes so as to prevent dust settling into bristles? How frequent should one wash makeup brushes? What are your must have brushes? Do specify the brand.
- Akansha
Keep your brushes in a brush stand and don't bother about dust settling into it much coz chances are there isn't a lot of dust floating around in your bedroom or dressing room. I keep my makeup in a cabinet for extra protection so you could do that too. You should wash your brushes once in two weeks at least, or once a week if you use them frequently.
My must have brushes would be a Face Stippling Brush, Blush Brush, Bronzer Brush, Kabuki Brush, Flat Eyeshadow Brush, Eyeshadow Applicator Brush, Blending Brush, Pencil Brush and a precise angled brush. I use ELF, Ambika Pillai, QVS, Mac, etc.

10. I'm not very comfortable in wearing off shoulder or deep neck dresses. What kind of bra should one wear for revealing dresses?
- Anonymous
This is a question that lingers in almost every girl's mind! You should invest in a multi-way bra which you can find at La Senza or Marks & Spencer. There are various kinds of bras to choose from, for example, for deep necklines, go for halter neck bras or the regular ones. For maximum comfort and support, go for balconette bra. For backless dresses, go for clear back-strap or silicone bra or even the silicone glue-strap bras which are available in Marks & Spencer.

Hope this Episode helped you guys out!
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Back-to-School/College Outfit [Aztec Print Skirt with Denim Shirt]

This outfit was shot over a month ago but somehow I kept forgetting to put it up on the blog. I think it has to do something with my growing love for maxi dresses and non-ending downpour of rain.Anyways, I styled this outfit keeping in mind the "Back-to-school" theme as the Summer Vacation had just ended and all the Schools and Colleges were commencing the new session. This outfit is casual, cute and non-fussy, perfect for college. The hem length can be played with to suit your requirements obviously.

And yes, I am one of the victims of the moustache epidemic that took the world in a stride.

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{T-shirt/Skirt/Bag - Zara, Denim Shirt - Thrifted, Shoes - Forever 21, Necklaces - Accessorize, Moustache Cuff - Fab Alley, Bracelet-cum-ring - Aldo, Aztec Bracelet - Splash}

I Moustache you! ;)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

An excerpt out of the Mumbai Chapter!

Mumbai Bandra Worli Sea Link1
At Bandra-Worli Sealink

Taj Land's End Hotel Mumbai
View from my room at Taj Land's End while I work!
With my darling sister!
Aman in his usual form! 
Mumbai Bandra Worli Sea Link
The breathtaking view of Bandra-Worli Sealink
IMG_0727 (2)
We posers.
At Bandra-Worli Sealink
Your truly.

The fun trip it was!