Monday, August 12, 2013

Closed: ALDO Walk The Runway Contest! Easy Peasy way to Glamour and Aldo goodies!!

Ok so, who loves Aldo?! Me Me Me!!!

One of our most beloved Shoe Brand has started this contest which will have 100 winners and all of them receives a pair of Aldo Shoes! 

Aldo has kindly bestowed me with the opportunity of selecting one Winner who will directly become one of those 100 winners!! My winner won't have to go through the selection process and they directly get an entry into the 100 Winners/Participants who also stand a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Geneva where they will walk the runway at an exclusive fashion show!!!

There is just so much up for grabs that I cannot summarize them! Read the leaflet below...

So, basically the winner of this contest on Style Fashion Etc will get a direct (sort of a wild card) entry to the 100 Winners described above. The Winner will get a chance to walk an exclusive Fashion Show in New Delhi as well as a lovely pair of Aldo Shoes! 

Now, the rules of the contest are as follows [Completing each rule will earn you an extra entry, so a Total of 5 entries can be done!]:
1. Follow Style Fashion Etc on GFC [Click on the "Join this site" tab in the Blog's Sidebar]
2. Like Style Fashion Etc on Facebook
3. Follow Style Fashion Etc on Twitter
4. Follow Style Fashion Etc on Instagram
5. Subscribe to Style Fashion Etc on YouTube

You can enter 5 times if you complete all the rules described above! However, if you feel like you can just complete one of the rules and enter once. Entering 5 times will increase your chances of winning!

Leave a comment below including your name and the rules that you have completed in the format below:
***[Name], Followed on [GFC/FB/Twitter/Insta/YouTube]***

The Winner will be announced on our Facebook Page

Good Luck!
May the odds forever be in your favor!! - [Effie Trinket Style ;) ]

Update: The Winner of this contest is Pooja Rajesh Das from Chennai!


Prathma Sharma said...

Prathma sharma 😊
Liked the Facebook page.
Followed style fashion etc on twitter and Instagram .
Subscribed to style fashion etc on YouTube :D
I am unable to follow you on GFC!😑

Himanshi Dhingra said...

Done! :)

Himanshi Dhingra

Meg.Meh.P. said...

Wow! Srish is this for real?
Thanks for the opportunity.

I am following you everywhere you are ;)
GFC: Meg
FB: Meg Meh
Twitter and Instagram: @MegMehP
Youtube: nonlivingworld
email: meg_mehtab(at)yahoo(dot)com

feet crossed. ;)

Akansha said...

Akansha Aggarwal, Followed on FB,Twitter,Insta,YouTube.

GFC not workin ? Getting this again n again :

"We're sorry...

We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later."

Kajal gaurav mishra said...

Kajal Mishra

Followed on
Facebook Kajal.mishra.10
Instagram KajalMishra
GFC Kajal Gaurav Mishra
Twitter KajuMish
Youtube Kajal Gaurav Mishra

Shared across all social networks too! Choose me, will not disappoint you.

Sarika Nagdeo said...

Followed on GFC-Sarika Nagdeo
Facebook-Sonia Nagdeo
YouTube-Sarika Nagdeo

Ruchika said...

Ruchika.! :)

followed on :-
GFC - ruch.g12
Facebook - Ruchika gupta
Twitter - ruchG12
Youtube - ruch.g12
Instagram - ruchg12

*Fingers Crossed* :P

priyanka hegde said...

facebook:priyanka hegde
and liked on youtube!

LoveMeOrLoveMeNot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pooja Rajesh Das said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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