Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On a Fashion Mission with Allen Solly!

Allen Solly have always been a brand I turn to when I need to buy formal clothing. They have always had work appropriate formals and casual Friday clothes. But, I was honestly surprised to see Allen Solly launching their new collection of chic dresses! There is something for everyone in their new collection. I loved the pretty silhouettes and the prints. And luckily, I got a chance to shoot 5 of these dresses. The "Fashion Mission" was a fun and unforgettable experience, the results of which came out to be spectacular!

These girls are not models, not perfect figures or height but they are real. They are girls who are working in corporate offices, have their own label or work from home and they shine in the beautiful dresses by Allen Solly.

Charu works as an assistant fashion designer and true to her job, she is always effortlessly chic. Her style is easy and relaxed. I love how she carries this glamorous asymmetrical dress with such ease and the pearls and glasses give the whole look a cool vibe, very Audrey Hepburn.

Charu - "I am literally in love with my dress. I would wear it everyday if I could. No seriously, I would! I never expected to find such a beautiful feminine dress in Allen Solly as they are more into Friday dressing but this was such a pleasant surprise. It fits perfectly and looks very glamorous and sophisticated."

Niharika works at the famous Radisson Blu Plaza and is always dressed to impress. A free spirited soul like her, its only fitting that she wears the bird print dress. I like how the dress hugs her like a glove and enhances her persona and the fact that it's perfect for a girly girl as well as a fashion girl adds so much more value to it.

Niharika - "What I like about Allen Solly's collection the most is how it makes you look effortlessly beautiful. For example, the dress I wore is very simple and comfortable but the use of vibrant colors make it look trendy and glamorous."

Owner of the label "Elitista", Jyotsna is a budding fashion designer and she looks the part. A strong independent woman needs a dress just as chic and effective as she herself is. I am truly astonished how strong this picture turned out portraying her in her true self, confident and in control of her surroundings.

jyotsna - "I absolutely loved the color and the fit of the dress!! It was  very urban chic and that's the look I was going for as an entrepreneur. I cannot wait to check out the rest of the collection, I think I would love the printed dresses they have come out with."

Neha is a Fashion Designer who recently opened her own label "Neha Krishna". I love how this dress compliments her vibrant personality despite being a muted color. She effortlessly carries this grey dress from Allen Solly teamed with a golden neckpiece, looking perfectly chic.

Neha - "The best thing about the Allen Solly dress I wore was how it made me feel confident and ready to take on the world. I needed an attire which was sophisticated and work appropriate whike still being chic and sexy and this dress is just that and more!"

Working as a fashion designer in one of India's top export houses, the industry demands an impeccable personality and sense of style. The floral shirt dress and clogs allows easy movement and provides all day comfort. The hat ties up the whole look together making the shirt dress look effortlessly chic.

Allen Solly has been famous for their Friday dressing but with their new dresses collection, I feel they are ready to dive into the Saturday dressing as well. I was blown away by their new effortless chic collection. The dress are easy to wear and super stylish. The prints and colors are vibrant enough for Summers yet sober enough for Winter, they could be dresses up for an evening out as well as dressed down for daytime. I am very impressed with the collection and proud to be one of their partner bloggers.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Online shopping just got more interesting!

Don't tell anyone, but whenever I have few free minutes in office, I am always on shopping websites. Now, I know who are the biggest customers of such shopping portals, the working people! Whenever you get fed up or have a little time to yourself in office, one of the best things you could do besides taking naps is going over to online shopping websites. See, I work 6 days a week, so that just leaves one day for all my grocery shopping, movies, etc. So, I try to save up my time by ordering almost everything online. I did the decor of my whole room sitting in my office. God forbid if my boss reads this!

I always thought of Flipkart.com as a great portal for buying books and gadgets. They have always been the best with their delivery and customer service and that has made me one of their frequent shoppers.
Recently, I came across their new video ad campaign and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Flipkart.com has now lauched a women's store which houses more than 500 brands! [Say whaaaaaa!]
It's like everything is just a click away - so easy to search and so easy to order. After spending few hours on the website, I created few looks and then just thought of sharing on the blog, coz something had to come out of those few hours spent :P

One of the trends I really liked in their Trendy section is Animal print. The classics are back in trend this season and animal print is one of the most classic and trendy prints. Checkout my most favorite pieces...

And few of the outfits I created for the Holiday season!

As the holiday season is approaching, you would be attending parties, be it a house party or all night club hopping. This outfit is for the relaxed ladies who are funky yet want to keep cosy in proper legwear. The fun Vogue clutch and the necklace are my favorite part!

A little black dress goes a long way when it comes to parties. Style them with hint of prints and you are good to go!

If you are one of those who likes to make heads turn, this outfit is perfect for you. Wear it to the New Year Eve bash and make sure you enter the New year all fabulous and stylish!

P.S.- All items are from Flipkart.com