Wednesday, December 31, 2014

#Spexappeal with Enigma

{Spectacles - Enigma by Titan Eye Plus, T-Shirt/Necklace/Rings - Forever 21, Leggings - Koovs, Long cardigan - Zara, Bag/Watch - Michael Kors, Shoes - Asos}

I have always been in favor of wearing glasses and not lenses. I feel more at ease with my glasses and never felt that it gave me a nerdy look which is a very common misconception. So, when approached by Titan Eye Plus about their new Enigma collection which encourages women to wear glasses and feel confident in them, the offer was kinda match made in heaven. I have always promoted the idea of wearing spectacles and I own numerous styles for different moods and occasions. The idea is to use your glasses as an accessory and flaunt them and not hide behind them. 

Enigma has a wide variety of glasses to choose from and there's something for everybody, the girly girl, the funky girl, the corporate girl or an eclectic girl. The minute I saw the collection, these frames were the first one I picked and no matter what else I tried, these just felt like the perfect shape for my face cut. I like black and bold frames, there's no argue about that so these rectangular frames were my final choice and I absolutely love them! 

No matter what you are wearing or where you are going, you can always rock glasses and I am not just saying for the sake of it. I speak from experience as I have been wearing glasses almost every single day for over ten years now! And I absolutely love wearing them!!

Stay Spexy!


Hamida H said...

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Ananya Tales said...

Wow ! U look so pretty !
would u like to follow each other n stay in contact..
Hope to see u soon on my blog

Sukriti Dahiya said...

You're looking great! Totally digging the leggings!

Max G said...

Love the maxi cardi !

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