Friday, February 20, 2015

Winters to Summers

{Dress/Trenchcoat/ Scarf/ Heart Necklace/ Amore Necklace - Forever 21, Love Necklace - Accessorize, Shoes - Aldo, Bag/ Watch - Michael Kors}

It's funny how the weather jumps from one season to another these days. There are no in-betweens. One day I am wearing a heavy jacket and next day even a thin cardigan feels like an eskimo outfit! I was looking forward to Fall in September but it never came, we directly got Winters. And by the looks of it, we won't be getting much of Spring either. Such a bummer.
But does that mean, I won't be wearing Spring outfits? I don't think so! I love light layers and I am not ready to start wearing Summer dresses yet. So, yeah...I am in Spring mode, whether the weather likes it or not. 

This dress has got a deep cut back and the moment you put it on, you can't help but feel sexy. Instead of saving it for Summer lunch dates, I paired it with a lightweight trench and added a scarf in similar hue. The layering of necklaces happened on it's own. I wore long chains as they give an illusion of long torso and the small chain was a last minute addition as the neckline looked kinda lonely. I liked how it turned out though and call it a co-incidence, it happened on the first day of Valentine's week. The red dress along with Love themed necklaces turned out to be an ideal laid back Valentine's day outfit. 

And if you haven't noticed yet, let me bring your attention towards the sexy beast I am carrying on my arms. I have wanted this Michael Kors bag for so long! When I went to purchase it during my Birthday, the store had Sale going on and this one was nowhere to be seen. I didn't like anything on sale so I decided I would rather wait and get something I really like instead of getting a good deal on an average bag. I was confused between a tote style bag and this one as I wanted something for daily use but the structured look has always been my favorite and hence, I decided to get this design. Then, I got confused whether to get black or tan as I recently got another exact same tan color crossbody bag from Michael Kors only. But after pondering over this dilemma for several hours (not kidding), I decided on this one as it goes with every outfit and almost every color. It's perfect for Summers as well as Winters while black would have been not so apt for Summers. Anyways, point is, I love this bag!!!! The insides are just as gorgeous as the outside, equipped with one zip pouch, four pockets and a key strap! In case, you have been wanting to purchase this bag, I would give it a heads up. Go for it, one of the most gorgeous bags in the market!



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