Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our 5th Blogiversary Giveaway!

We are calling it Celebration of Five!

Five represents Style Fashion Etc's 5 wonderful years of blogging, 5 brands who were very generous with sponsoring this giveaway, 5 days which is what the contest period is, 5 winners who are gonna win goodies from one brand each and 5k is the amount each brand is giving away in the form of vouchers and products!! Five never sounded this good, did it *wink*!

We are very grateful to all you readers for believing in us and supporting us throughout this journey of 5 years. Without your love, we would never have reached where we are today! I can still recall few names who have been reading our blog since day 1 and they are still around!
So, this is a small token of love and thanks from SFE team to you all. We really wish we could thank each one of you personally but this is the best we can do sitting here at the SFE office.

I am guessing you all are familiar with these brands, but in case you have missed out on any, let us fill you in!

Marks and Spencer is one of UK's leading retailers offering stylish, high quality, great value clothing and home products. In India, M&S offers the latest trends from around the world in clothes for men, women and kids, and lingerie and beauty products. Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I am a little too obsessed with their new Spring/Summer collection. I just cannot get enough of it. In last one month, I have visited the store 4 times to pick up more stuffs, I am not crazy you know, they keep adding new items every few days :P
Also, with Father's Day just around the corner, you can check out their very stylish menswear collection and pickup something for you dad! They have some really cool goodies which would make perfect gifts for Father's Day!


If you are not aware of this decades old designer label, then you have been living under a rock! Label Ritu Kumar does amazing western and fusion wear garments. From evening gowns, jumpsuits, shirts, dresses, trousers to floor length anarkalis, they have got it all covered. I recently visited the store and tried on few pieces, you will know all about that pretty soon, and they have the most amazing color palette and variety! I instantly fell in love with their super comfy trousers and shirts, very stylish workwear or even for wearing out for a lunch date! 


October a brand initiated by Akash Kumar Sinha (Fashion designer) and Rabia N Singh ( Jewelry Designer) graduates from Pearl Academy, Jaipur, India. The Brand came into existence in October, 2013. The brand aims to create high end accessories for men and women. The theory of vintage and contemporary designs is the building block for October. They are new fairly new but they can beat high end bags if given a chance. Their bag's quality speaks for itself. We are big fans of this new designer duo and I am sure once you have had a look at their very creative and interesting work, you will be too! Check out their Facebook Page!

Meet your new Scentras. Designed in California and manufactured in Spain, they’re the incredibly beautiful love child of the American free spirit and effortless European elegance. You’re smiling aren’t you? Well that was the plan. Now walk about in them and spread the love, cheer and good vibes. Let regular people wear regular shoes, wear your Scentras, keep your head in the clouds and your feet firmly planted on the ground.First name LIFE, second name CHANGER – that’s exactly what every pair of Scentra promises to be. Its list of too-good-to-be-true qualities includes a certified orthopedic sole (to keep you right within your comfort zone), a strawberry scented insole (to keep you smelling as good as you look) and a breathable, ecofriendly fabric that keeps every kind of buyer’s remorse at bay!So go on, buy a Scentra in every colour of the rainbow. Designed in California, manufactured in Spain – these shoes are made for walking, dancing, chilling or whatever your choice of activity is.


Every collection at ‘ritika’ is a dream woven from her travels around the globe encapsulating the art, culture, architecture and the natural beauty of the place. A perfectionist, Ritika’s design sensibility is steeped in femininity, and the label's collections are shaped by her love for the more luxurious facets of fashion.
Ritika’s creations are set apart by their detailing and use of delicate embellishments in rich and easy-to-wear fabrics such as pure georgettes, chiffons, silks, crepes and knits; her client is a woman who appreciates and understands timeless, understated luxury. In only two years since the debut of her label, it is retailing at stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Surat, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune.

So, now let's get to the point: The Rules of The Giveaway!

1. You have to be a member of our Facebook community. If you are not already, what are you waiting for! Click HERE and become a part of the family :)
2. Make sure you follow us on Instagram too for regular updates and a lot of fun posts!
3. And of course, let us all tweet together on Twitter!
4. We want to make Style Fashion Etc better and more informative for all of you, so leave a suggestion in the comments below or on our Facebook Page telling us how we can do that!

That's all!

Good luck!

* Contest ends on 15th June'15, midnight.
** Winners will be announced on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on 16th June'15. 
***Open for Indian residents.


Mehvish Khan said...

Hey Shristi!
I've been following your blog since a while now and I must say it's one of the most helpful and fun one amongst many. Congratulations on turning 5! 🎉
You guys are doing an amazing job and if I really have to give one suggestion then it would be try to cover topics which will help diversity of women. Aiming at low budget as well as high street fashion, makeup for all skin tones, clothes for all sizes of girls would help everyone benefit from the amazing advice given by you!
Again, congrats and good luck for everything :D

Nisha Singh said...

That's a good suggestion I guess.
Thank you :)

Madhuri Sharma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madhuri Sharma said...

Congrats on turning 5!! :D
My suggestion would be to keep doing what your doing thats to motivate, inspire and put a smile on all your followers faces!

Rashmi said...

Hi Srish, your blog is doing really well and congratulations on completing 5 yrs. The only I suggestion I want to give is since you are in fashion field, I would like to see more fashion related posts like updates on fashion shows happening worldwide, global trends in accesories, colours of the season, silhouette of the season etc. That's all. Congrats once again and best of luck for future.

Sharmistha Banerjee said...

hey ! i have been following your blog for sometime and really like it. its like a breath of fresh air, but i would like to read more fashion related articles. i have a suggestion for you , you can start a section where you can style other people or create a particular look on them or a makeover kind of thing. it could be your freinds , family , fellow bloggers or even your followers. :-) hope i am making some sense to you. i am following you on all the three platforms . my ids are @Mishti777 on twitter , sharmistha_banerjee on instagram and Sharmistha Banerjee on facebook .

Preeti Gupta said...

Hey srish first of a big congratulations for completing 5 successful years of blogging. Personally i dont want to give you any suggestiona regarding your blog because i simply love each and everything in your blog. Your styling simply i just love the way you carry your style. I just qant favor from you that come up with more OOTD posts and would love to see haul post as well. Following you since long on facebook and instagram and seen your hair stylesi loved then and it would be pleasure if you come up with some hair tutorials as well.
Facebook Preeti Gupta
instagram g_preeti
twitter crazycool447

Preeti Gupta said...

Hey srish first of a big congratulations for completing 5 successful years of blogging. Personally i dont want to give you any suggestiona regarding your blog because i simply love each and everything in your blog. Your styling simply i just love the way you carry your style. I just qant favor from you that come up with more OOTD posts and would love to see haul post as well. Following you since long on facebook and instagram and seen your hair stylesi loved then and it would be pleasure if you come up with some hair tutorials as well.
Facebook Preeti Gupta
instagram g_preeti
twitter crazycool447

Preeti Gupta said...

Hey srish first of a big congratulations for completing 5 successful years of blogging. Personally i dont want to give you any suggestiona regarding your blog because i simply love each and everything in your blog. Your styling simply i just love the way you carry your style. I just qant favor from you that come up with more OOTD posts and would love to see haul post as well. Following you since long on facebook and instagram and seen your hair stylesi loved then and it would be pleasure if you come up with some hair tutorials as well.
Facebook Preeti Gupta
instagram g_preeti
twitter crazycool447

Richa Sindhwani said...

congratulations once again on completing 5 years srish
all i can say is both you and aman have been doing a great job on keeping us updated
would like to see more fitness and make up related updates
also would be great if you could do a few makeovers,pick up some random followers and style them
that would be great to see and helpful too
rest you have been doing a great job and would love to see you grown in fututre
may you soon reach 1M followers :*

Somya K said...

I follow you everywhere and literally stalk you on all ur social platforms. I love your fashion style and would love to see you an active youtuber and vlogger as well. I know must b difficult but would love to see active on youtube as well. Congratulations on turning 5. Its so much fun.. lots of love and good wishes💝

Kavya Seetala said...

Do more vlogs.Thank you.

G said...


Congratulations for the wonderful blog and five spectacular years. I'm sure you have a great time building the content as much as I do reading it.
I have been meandering around for quite a while, but honestly started religiously checking since over a year when I had an epiphany that I needed to get out of my regular blue-black-jeans-stripes-tees routine. It became monotonous and I had been stereotyped in a certain look that was difficult to break. Resulting in low self confidence that I could carry anything apart from baggy jeans and t shirts, despite having a decent build.
Your blog has been helpful. Wouldn't say I've had a magical makeover, but I can say that I not hesitate to experiment anymore. I am also set to head to the Oxford University (it's a dream come true for me) this fall, so particularly check this blog regularly for style tips to make sure I am well dressed and presentable for the new exciting journey :)

Suggestions from my side:

Content -
1. Add more features on daily wears. Stuff that we can wear on day to day basis, which is smart and chic and at the same time not an overkill.
2. Office/corporate wears, specially for Indians. Usually in Indian offices, women do not wear western formals so regularly. So if you could include some smart indian office wears that one should definitely try out.
3. College goers -particularly for people like me :) Low on budget, yet trendy and smart wear for college students.
4. Color combinations - For style ignorant people as me, its a challenge to figure out what color top would go well with whch bottoms and for what time of the day. If there is a guide that I can keep referring to, it will come in handy during stressful times and will be a saviour!
5. Hot street shopping spots- Not all of us can afford high-end shopping always. There are hidden gems in the form of street markets where one can pick brilliant stuff for a steal. It is exciting and definitely great on pocket. Would love to read about your recommendations, any tips, tricks, must-haves.
6. With each dress that you post about, try and include make up recommendation as well (further to point 4). Helps to understand what kind of make-up would look good, as your pictures are stunning! .
7 More posts on online shopping sites, and any on going offers / must-haves. We usually tend to miss out on them given the plethora of options available to us.

- Facebook - Geetanjali Kaur
- Twitter - @geet_k
- Instagram - @geet_k

G said...

Blog -
8. Labels - Please use more of them, try and keep frequently used labels.
9. Include a widget at the right with just the label word cloud. Helps to know what at the oft-discussed topics on this blog and makes surfing easier, specially if I do not have any particular topic in mind that I want to read about.
10. Maybe place the word cloud above the "Ask us any query" widget , so that if I do not find a post related to the topic I have in mind, I can scroll down and quickly fill the form.
11. You have a big "instagram" widget right below the "email" widget. And then again have Instagram icon among all the social media icons (below followers list). Any particular reason why. Seems redundant to me. You could probably use this space for something else.
12. Further to point 10, maybe you could consider moving the "archive" a bit further up. Above the advertisements, in my opinions. Again, makes it reader friendly as this is one of the first things I'd look for while surfing through your blog.
13. "subscribe to mail alerts". Amazing feature, but underplayed, in my opinion. Maybe put it on the top, next to the "contact us" tab at the header? Somewhere it is easily visible to the reader so after reading a couple of posts he can immediately subscribe, if it's right there in front of her ;)

Phew, apologies for going overboard with this and if you find most of these silly. I am fond of this blog and always have ideas on what more can be done :)
Cheers and wish you all the best and many more years of blogging to come!

- Facebook - Geetanjali Kaur
- Twitter - @geet_k
- Instagram - @geet_k

Garvita Garg said...

Hey Srish & Aman,

Firstly, congratulations for turning *5*.. . many more to come!
I have been following you since quite some time now and I understand that it gets difficult to manage blog & a regular job at the same time.
I would suggest you to post a little more than you do now (atleast 4 posts per month)
Post atleast one ethnic outfit per month!
You can make a compilation of your Daily Outfits and make a post out of it.
You can also incorporate Street Style Section, where you post the picture of the street style you recently saw & clicked! And how trendy it is for us to try that. :)
Rest I get your regular updates on the social media sites so no complaints at all. These suggestions are just to help you achieve what you deserve.
Facebook - Garvita Garg
Twitter - @garvitagarg
Instagram - @garvitagarg

asha suraj said...


A very very 5th happy wala birthday to you and your little baby "StyleFashionEtc"
Okay! First things first you are gorgeous like literally "gorgeous "( I promise no flattering)
I love the amalgamation of big brand big name big designers and the budget friendly brand accessible sites buyable fashion... Love that your very assessable..
If you could do a little or once in a while post with recommendation with plus size brands available in our country and how plus sizers can also look,wear and feel great ! It 'll also act as a confident boster, especially when it comes from someone like you..
A 'lil request from a plus sizer to a gorgeous sizer !

PS I'm not a sizest ( if you know what I mean)


neha dua said...

U should go for a mobile app blog soon! Its much more accessible :)


Sneha Sen said...

Hey Shristi
Congratulations to the lovely blog for completing 5 years!
Love Seeing Aman and Your posts/Facebook updates always.
I love the way you style yourselves and I would like to see posts of the kind which include Get to know me or Tags,maybe you can do Youtube videos on that.Would want to know the beautiful souls behind SFE more ☺☺
Lots of love and hugs
Sneha xo

lavina nilahani said...

Hey Srish,

Congratulations to You & Aman for 5 Years of Blogversary, it's an awesome achievement & many many more to come...I can't explain how much I love your Blog & just in love with your style statement..I had met Ms.Shaily Khera of Confessionz of Closet when she was in Mumbai(we made her new website, pls check it out ;) ) & remember telling her how much I love your blog & you were the first few bloggers I started following among others :)
Suggestions from my side for SFE are :
1) I was inspired after reading ur fitness routine and how to lose weight but after that I haven't seen many posts.. Pls try and include once in a while if not regular basis :)
2) If possible do a monthly or once in 2months post on What's Hot and What's Not (regards to fashion trends of the seaaon)
3) Apart from high end brands, would love to see posts on Street Shopping or Steal Purchases
4) Yes, the most important of all is to do regular posts on anything u like, atleast once a week so we get to see more of u and mininum 4 posts in a month :)
Hope you like my suggestions & would love to meet u someday when u in Mumbai or me in Delhi :) Lots of Love. Following u on all social media platforms..
Facebook : Lavina Bhatia
Twitter: @LavinaNihalani
Instagram: @lavee10

M said...

Congratulations on turning 5. I love your outfit posts and would like to see more on accessories and street styles from fashion weeks..xx


Hey!! Huge congratulations for this milestone firstly.
Just went through your recent posts, quite expressive and suggestive, I should say.
Only advise would be to indulge readers in your writing by conducting polls, collaborating with guest writers(maybe) or fun competitions( not necessarily giveaways), so that the readers feel more connected :)

Also, some topics were quite repetitive, i.e.they were prominent on other blogs as well. I do understand that this is due to the commonality of the brands. But a little exclusivity and out of box thinking harmed no one ;)

Keep doing what you do, awesome following you :D
Love xx

anusha said...

Congrats on turning 5!

Amazing blog, so not much to say there.
Nonetheless, you might wanna indulge in more people related activities like Giveaways to keep your audience glued to the blog.

I am not on twitter, so .-. (Please don't kill me for that)
Instagram- anusha.tomar
Facebook- Anusha Tomar

PS. Lets be honest, I didn't know about your blog till today (not until I saw a repost by Scentra on Instagram) but then I went through it, and I really liked it.
And I intend to be reading it for a long time

Love :*

shubham said...

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shweta 23 said...

Hey Shristi ,

Congratulations on this milestone.. Wishing you truck loads of love, readers and loyalists ;)

Love your name 'cuz my sister has the same name too.. And I love her too bits.. So I kinda have a lil extra soft corner for you..
Off course I love your body of work, easily relatable my only request/suggestion would be , as much as we love reading your post and love being awwed by thought pictures I would also like to hear from you ( like vlogs) I'm sure you sound great!

Apart from that your PERFECTO!

Lots of love

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