Thursday, June 18, 2015

Street style: Ripped leggings and oversized shirt

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{Shirt/Bag - Thrifted, Leggings - Youshine, Brooch - Anaikka, Hat/Shoes - Zara, Ring - Forever 21, Watch - Michael Kors}

I decided to start this look series called Street Style as many of you suggested in the recent 5th Blogiversary giveaway I hosted that you all would like to see more of wearable outfits that one can wear to college or going out with friends. So, this series will focus on exactly that. 

A red pout and a hat is the secret to make any simple outfit look perfectly street style chic. If you have plans to step out for a stylish evening stroll in the streets with your friends or pay a visit to the mall to check out the sales, just swipe some red color and add a bold accessory like a hat or a brooch or a necklace and you are good to go. I, for instance, always always carry a red lipstick in my bag. Who knows when you might need it and trust me, a red pout can really change your whole look. It has the power to make a drabby outfit also look pulled together and chic. Don't believe me? Go wear your old blue jeans and a regular t-shirt and then put on some red lipstick, I promise you, you wouldn't even feel the need to do your hair. A low messy bun would also do! 

Fitted leggings and loose oversized shirt has been my go-to outfit since like forever. It flatters all body types except if you have very thin legs and heavy torso. You can experiment so much with this basic look. Change up color of the leggings, play with texture and silhouettes of the shirt. Roll up the sleeves or leave it down, button up till neck or leave few buttons open, do whatever you want and it will give you a different vibe every single time. Try it, and I am sure this could very well become your go-to outfit too!


Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh


chrsitine PACE said...

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vani gupta said...

Hi i would really appreciate if you could help me by telling me from where can i get those leggings from? I know the blog says youshine but is it an online site or a store?

Anamika Sharma said...

Nice Collection. I like that matching from top to bottom. The outfit is awesome and you are also looking beautiful.

Shristi Soumya said...

@Vani Gupta - You can find it on :)

@Anamika Sharma - Thank you so much!

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