Tuesday, December 1, 2015

RED || ASUS #Zenlooks

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Wouldn't life be simpler if you could match your dress to your lipstick and to your phone? Blues and greens mights not allow this sinister act but if one color is known to represent sin, love, lust and danger all at the same time, it is red and only this versatile color can allow this sinful indulgence. You can wear red head to toe and you will still be a style siren (unless you do it the Lady gaga way, remember the time she became a walking butcher shop?). I grabbed the opportunity to style a fierce red outfit when ASUS launched 'The Incredible Catwalk' campaign which is basically merging fashion and technology together and creating cases inspired by fashion and vice versa. Kim Jones, brand ambassador for ASUS launched this campaign and visited 7 countries and created 7 looks for the 7 cases inspired by the culture and traditions of that particular country. And guess what, the 'Glamour Red' case was styled and shot in India! It was only fitting that I chose this case, but I decided to give the look a modern and contemporary twist contrary to the cultural inspired outfit Kim had styled. 
I styled this look to match the Zenfone 2 in Glamour Red, perfect for the sophisticated with a keen eye for fashion. An outfit that can seamlessly flow from office to an evening party.  And now it's your turn! ASUS is hosting a contest looking for the best cover design for Zenfone 2. You can get as creative as you want and design a case which if you get lucky can even be selected for production as one of the limited edition designs! And plus, you might get to win one of their weekly prized they are handing out!

Click HERE to go over to the ASUS Zenfone App, design and share your case!


Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Vaibhav Sachdeva


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