Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunburn Tiesto Concert- 'ME' by Mandira Bedi for Gillette Venus

Tiesto India Tour 'Me' by Mandira Bedi for Gillette Venus at the Tiesto Concert,Sunburn, Bangalore (2) 23621472679_857e366ee3_o 23963237666_7d059944c4_o

If you are on any of my social media platforms namely Snapchat(SrishSFE) and Instagram, you must know that I attended the Sunburn festival this year that happened in Gurgaon. Tiesto played amazing music and I had a great time. But most of all, I was experimenting the idea of wearing something out of the box with the help of Mandira Bedi and Gillette Venus

Mandira Bedi collaborated with Gillette Venus to design outfits called 'ME' and they were launched during the Tiesto concert. The idea of wearing a saree to a concert did sound uncanny and queer but hey, us bloggers should try and test a new trend before bringing it to our readers, right? So, I accepted the challenge to wear this unique outfit to the concert. 

In all honesty, I wasn't thrilled when I received the package by Mandira Bedi(You can see all the designs here: CLICK). I lucked out and received the best of the batch and once I started to play around with the drape, it was so much fun! I came up with a bunch of ideas to drape it but finally settled on wrapping the pallu around my neck and belting it at the waist. Given the Delhi winters, I didn't have much options for the top and shoes but I braved the cold and wore a crop top and thick strappy shoes to compliment the whole look. The final outcome was edgy, sexy and totally concert-worthy! 

So, now if anyone says you can't wear such an outfit to a concert, kick their stereotypical little ass and show them how women can rock any outfit at any given point of time. And of course, Gillette Venus is there to back you up allowing you the freedom to wear what you want, whenever you want!