Thursday, December 29, 2016


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I don't think I will be able to get over velvet anytime soon. The plush fabric has been in trend this season and it's been all the rage! Velvet slip dresses, velvet pantsuits, velvet blazer, velvet top, velvet skirt, everything velvet!!! And I am absolutely loving it. The fabric looks royal and rich and keeps warm as well. And you can wear it to office, casually for lunches and for parties as well.
This blazer is a perfect example of the same. You could wear it with denims and a t-shirt just as easily as with a dress and pair of heels! Effortless and stylish! The party season is almost here and if you are planning to welcome the new year by club hopping and dancing away your worries, you must splurge on a piece of garment in velvet. My best bet would be a jacket as it can be styled in multiple ways and it can look different every time you wear it but hey, if you want a dress or a midi skirt, that would look hot too! So, tell me, how would you like your velvet?

Dress - Forever 21
Blazer - Marks & Spencer
Gloves - street market
Earcuffs - Aldo
Shoes - Charles & Keith

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


_DP_1467 _DP_1469 _DP_1483 _DP_1487 _DP_1492 _DP_1498 DSC_0693
{Skirt/Top - Marks & Spencer, Shoes/Earrings - Koovs, Sunglasses - Lenskart}

Jacquard has been a popular trend for quite some time now. While the elders still believe the clothes look like they have been sown straight out of furnishing fabric, we ain't complaining. I mean, what's so wrong even if they are! Fashion is about having fun and experimenting and there's no harm using prints and fabrics meant for furnishing if they look so damn good on you! 
This skirt is lightweight to wear and pleasure to the sore eyes! I was initially not so sure about the length and I did feel it might make me look frumpy and short but I was pleasantly surprised. Midi length is usually flattering on all body types and this skirt is a wonderful example of the same. The silhouette makes the waist appear smaller than it is and add an hourglass shape to the whole body so subtly that you would be surprised! People with apple shaped body would find this skirt a boon for them. Actually, even pear shaped could rock this skirt as it perfectly camouflages extra curves and adds just the perfect amount for you to look sultry. Do try this silhouette and the jacquard trend this party season and you won't be disappointed. It keeps you warm while still looking chic as ever! 
If you are looking for similar style, do visit Zara and Marks & Spencer!

Everlasting Love With Platinum

Love and Marriage - these two words hold such different meanings in every individual’s life. Some are lucky to marry the person they love and some marry first and then fall in love with their spouse. I have seen some exemplary couples in my life whose love has stood the test of time and in each other they have found their soul mates. The eternal love and respect that these couples share is just like the metal, platinum - pure & everlasting. So I have listed down a few celeb couples who found true love with their life partner, and I've picked out Platinum Love Bands for each of these couples, which I feel best describes their love story and relationship.

1. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan
The duo met during the shoot of Tashan and have been inseparable since. The love they share is rare and everlasting. They were recently blessed with a baby boy to add to their wonderful family. If your story is similar to the royal Pataudi couple, I would recommend these bands from the “Endless Love” collection.

0Q6A6648 0Q6A6685

2. Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
The Bachchans may not be royal by lineage but have acquired the royal status for their class and the generations of talent they have portrayed. The duo is talented and stylish but their roots lie in simplicity and family values. If you relate to this couple, who have their own individuality but they respect their family and the values just as

much, I would recommend this “Duo Band” with a solitaire diamond which stands out
just like Abhishek and Aishwarya.

0Q6A6649 0Q6A6675 0Q6A6682

3. Shahid Kapoor and Mira Kapoor
Shahid and Mira are the epitome of love in an arranged marriage. They share undeniable love and respect for each other which is eminent to their fans whenever they are spotted together. They are not afraid to flaunt their love to the world and indulge in a little PDA but also retain their personal life. If you share a strong bond of friendship like them, I would recommend this love band which is simple and yet has a classic design.

0Q6A6652 0Q6A6672

If you want to buy these beautiful bands, visit Manohar Lal Jewellers in Noida. You can also check them on


Tuesday, December 27, 2016


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{Skirt/Shirt - Marks & Spencer, Necklace - Dilli Haat, Hand Cuff - H&M, Shoes - Intoto}

This outfit is my absolute favorite from all the New Year party looks we shot last week. The silver skirt and shiny jewel tone shirt made for a delish combo but it was the necklace that added character to the whole outfit. The story behind the necklace goes like this: Mom visits me in Delhi, goes to Dilli Haat and buys the necklace for herself. I like it and want it too but let mom have it because she really loves it. Later, she wears it for dinner with family and notices that it has small ghunghroos which makes noises with every steps she takes and thus, ends up handing the necklace over to me thinking she is way too old for such stuff. Me happy. The end!


Monday, December 26, 2016

Office Soirée

DSC_05501 DSC_0575 _DP_12841 _DP_12731 _DP_1307 _DP_1305 _DP_1300 _DP_1288
{Skirt - Marks & Spencer, Crop Top/Shoes - Forever 21, Fur Gilet - New Look, Earrings - Pankaj & Nidhi}

As soon as the Christmas craze fades, a new frenzy starts to settle in: the New Year bash! With the house parties and club hopping, there is yet another soiree that demands your attention: the office party. I have worked in a corporate environment for a couple of years and I have observed that every woman starts planning her attire days in advance and there is always this dilemma if the outfit will be too flashy or too boring. So, I decided to share few tips to help you guys nail the office chic look. The best bet in my opinion is to mix different textures and create an interesting look. While the common perception would be to go for a pencil skirt and a top tucked in but why not experiment with the silhouette and go for a flared midi skirt and pair it with a crop top. Finish the look with a fur gilet or a longline blazer and you are good to go. Another excellent option is to go for a pant suit, velvet is trending this season and a velvet pantsuit will put you on top of the trending list as well. 


Denim Solutions with Aeropostale

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Summer is long gone and along with it, long gone are the days when you could just throw on a shift dress and head out the door. But this season offers something better, a challenge to mix and match pieces from your wardrobe and create new look everyday. The excitement is real guys, because I love layering and this is my favorite season because from styling point of view, it has so much to offer! I personally love to spend a couple of extra minutes in the dressing room deciding on my looks and the final sigh of relief is priceless when you are finally done styling the look for the day and feel content with it. 

During the colder months, there aren't many options when it come to lowers. You can either wear denims or leggings. The latter becomes kind of out of question when the wind gets colder and denim are the only option left. So, you must be thinking either black or blue or if you like to shop a little more, maybe even grey. But wait, with Aeropostale, you have a whole range of colors to choose from! Ranging from Tan, Burgundy, Dusty Rose, they have a whole range of colors and I picked up my favourite, dusty rose. The color is subtle and pretty and looks refreshingly different in winters as almost everyone is wearing darker hues. And if you are thinking who has the time to go to the store and then buy denims, Aeropostale is now available online on Amazon! You can find their classic hoodies, fuss-free knits, trackpants, denims, dresses, everything online here: #AeropostaleOnAmazon


In collaboration with POPxo!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Colors

_DP_1342 _DP_1332 _DP_1334 DSC_0594
{Skirt/Blazer/Shoes/Accessories - Forever 21, Top - Zara}

Merry Christmas everyone!!! 
For some reason Christmas is my favorite festival even when I am not Christian. The month long celebrations, the tradition, the colors, the gifts, the tree, every element of Christmas is festive and happy. I especially love the tradition of getting gifts for everyone and leaving them under the decorated tree the night before Christmas. The next morning, everyone must feel like it's their birthday. The same adrenaline rush when you rush to open your gifts! And the egg nog!

I am positive I will be embracing Christmas and all the traditions that comes with it soon and pass them on to my kids someday. I styled this look around the festive red color of Christmas that you can wear to office gatherings on Christmas eve. Simple and classy, and not too over the top!


Monday, December 19, 2016

The modern bride

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I recently attended a friend's wedding and if you have been following me on any of the social media channels, you would have known. I had forgotten how much time and effort is needed when preparing for your looks for your friend's wedding. I can't even imagine how much more stressful it would be for the bride and her family!
In midst of all this drama, if you find yourself stuck for inspiration, let me present to you a little offbeat styling of your lehenga. This idea was born in an unexpected crisis when the blouse buttons refused to close on me and I barely had minutes to get ready and just a handful of clothes in my suitcase. I layered a t-shirt underneath the jacket blouse ( I was lucky the blouse could double up as a jacket too!) and just gave the look a modern twist. And to my surprise, it turned out pretty well! 
What we can learn from this little hiatus is that, don't let your calm loose. You can always come up with a better idea when the original fails. You only need to avoid the panic mode and have a presence of mind. Unleash your creativity, sit back and watch it do wonders with whatever is available. Mind is a very resourceful being. And yes, don't be afraid to experiment and create a new trend, if you believe in it, chances are a lot more people would too. 


Skirt/Jacket - Shasha Gaba
T-shirt - H&M
Ring - Indiatrend
Sunglasses - Vincent Chase